LEGO x Adidas Originals Superstar Set

We are following the sublime work from Leta Sobierajskii who is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY, USA. For the launch of the LEGO x Adidas Originals Superstar Set, she was approached to create a remix of this iconic design. First of all, what an honor to think about working on such an iconic design that was originally created in the 1960s. And also just take a look at the final result, it's incredible! I just love the 90s twist to Leta's design and the integration of the original laces just completes everything even more.

Building sneakers made of Lego

Kwaku Amuti is a creative director and illustrator based in New Jersey. He has been producing, more precisely building a cool series of sneakers made of Lego. Yes! Kwaku is that cool! The series is titled 'Bricks Kicks' and you will recognize models like the infamous 'Nike Air Mag' originally seen in the movie 'Back of the Future II'. Judging by the real-size of Legos, I don't think these are made to follow the shoe's real-life dimension. But this is totally bringing a totally new dimension of creativity, kudos to Kwaku for sharing.

WEGA Concept 51K 3D Render

A little blast of nostalgia for this feature on abdz. We are taking a look of a 3D render of the 'WEGA Concept 51K' which was released in the years of 1978-1982. For those who are not sure what that is, it's basically a 'DJ Set from the 1980s'. Jason Zigrino, a digital artist from the USA; does an absolute impressive at recreating his own take of the 'WEGA'. First of all, taking a look at the series; what strikes me the most are the details and the lighting. It just creates such a unique tone.

EATSY Adaptive Tableware for Visually Impaired by Jexter Lim

We are featuring an industrial design project that is quite intriguing that is totally worth a share on abdz. Introducing EATSY which is an 'adaptable tableware' for the visually impaired designed by Jexter Lim. What's really interesting about this project is the entire process, from the conceptual idea, sketching, prototyping, and lots of testing.

Toys Made to Last by Huzi Design

They believe in less but better. Not the forgettable plastic toys, blinking lights, or complicated electronics. Instead, they make simple, modern toys that last. Full of stories and imagination. To be enjoyed today and treasured tomorrow, these are toys you will keep for good. By making toys with better values, they hope they will become a lasting part of your life and a meaningful part of your story. Check them out at Huzi Design or on Instagram @huzidesign

Industrial Design: NOMAD Base Station Pro

STEL Design is an industrial design studio based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA and we are taking a look at the design of the NOMAD Base Station Pro. In other words, a full surface wireless charging station where you can charge up to three devices that can be placed anywhere on the actual surface. And as I quote: 'An 18-coil matrix lies beneath a seamless surface for an effortless charging experience.' I really dig the design, it's classy, premium feel and it comes in black.

A look at the making of Google Pixel 4

Arthur Kenzo is an industrial designer working in the Google Industrial Design Team. He shared a look of the making of the Google Pixel 4. I do own the Pixel 4 and it's quite fascinating to see some of the behind-the-scenes of what went through the process and designing Google's flagship phone.

Hop, adaptable luggage can be utilized additionally as a backpack

Layer Design has shared an interesting project via their Behance profile. Introducing Hop, an adaptable suitcase can also utilize as a backpack. Adaptable so you will be able to have the right amount of compartment and by at the same time support yourself to any kind of travel necessities.

An inside look at the original #AppleWatch development

Back on April 24, 2015 the world was introduced to the original Apple Watch that literally changed the 'watch industry' forever. Happy 5th Birthday Apple Watch! For the occasion, one of the designers that worked on the first Apple Watch team shared a few fun facts that we took the liberty to embed it below. I am really thankful for Imran Chaudhri for sharing such an insightful series of facts that went into the development.

The era of Blade Runner is here, introducing Tesla's Cybertruck

Well it is November 2019 and carmakers from Tesla didn't hold back and introduced the Cybertruck. What was your first impressions? At first, I didn't like the design (still don't) but it definitely looks straight out of the 1982's Blade Runner which is pretty dope if you ask me.

Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 built-in 3D - Digital Art

The iconic Nizo S 800 Braun Super 8 was made in Germany by Niezoldi & Krämer / Braun. This thing is a beautiful piece of history, one of the best super8 cameras ever built. This camera is gorgeous in terms of design, usability and how cool you used to look when filming. We are featuring the 3D creation by Jason Zigrino who built the Nizo S 800 right from scratch with Maxon Cinema 4D, ArionFX, Fusion 360 and Redshift3D. The result is magnificent and we had to find a slot to share this 3D achievement. Just take a look at the details, the dials, the font used and everything. Just wow!

Designing your own capsule espresso on the go - Industrial Design

Another subject that I would like to share about, 'industrial design', it's something I dearly enjoy to the point that maybe one day I will make a career switch but not yet... Let's take a look at this cool concept of the Cosso, a way to re-invent how we make our espresso and using its feature of making your own capsule as well for later use. I am a fan of coffee and I would totally see myself using this machine for my daily life whatever you would want your coffee on the go at all times. Just like the way you would store those Airpods?

CGI Recreation of the iconic Lancia Stratos HF Zero

The fine folks from Mondlicht Studios have shared their CGI recreation of the iconic Lancia Stratos HF Zero. For those who are not familiar with the Lancia Stratos, well it's a sports car and rally car made by Italian car manufacturer Lancia. The rally portion of the car won the World Rally Championship in 1974, 1975 and 1976. What is the most striking aspect of the car is its design.

Kogin embroidered Insect Brooches

Let's take a look at this unique project by Hiné Mizushima who is (in his own words) Slow Crafter, Needle-felter and Illustrator based in Vancouver, BC in Canada. We are looking at his Kogin embroidered insect brooches he worked on for a group exhibition happening right now in Osaka, Japan. What is Kogin? It's a traditional quilting method of Aomori's Tsugaru region, where its characteristic is the beauty of its design. As you can see in the following, it's an art and we can definitely appreciate its creativity.

Industrial Design: MoDi - a smart sleep aid for smartphone addicts

Technology has come to an era where users are quite demanding of what they want in terms of size, performance, features and etc. The best example would be about our beloved smartphone, there is a long list of demands to tackle for companies in order to create the perfect smartphone. How about if all this demanding generated into an addiction? How many of us (including myself) use our smartphone before bed?

Introducing the New Ugmonk: Custom Tees, Products and Friends

Being in the industry for a long time, I personally take proud joy seeing designers and makers we featured grow and evolve their brand to higher grounds. ABDZ is a community and having our platform to share is always welcoming to newcomers and/or for those who just keep innovating and creating marvelous products. Today, I wanted to share that love to Ugmonk. Jeff is a founder and designer behind this incredible brand where not only has built his own voice but has grown mature into his design.

Anicorn x TTT #2.5 The Redundant Watch by Ji Lee

We are announcing a collaboration from makers from Anicorn and their last creation: the Redundant Watch which is now live on Kickstarter. We love the products they make as we have featured previous endeavours on ABDZ.

MVRDV’s Crystal Houses now hosting new tenant: welcoming Hermès

Having visited Amsterdam before, I did saw the construction of MVRDV's Crystal Houses. I didn't understand its architecture and uniqueness at first but learning about it now makes even more sense. So the Crystal Houses is a store located in Amsterdam, Netherlands designed by the amazing folks from MVRDV who has received International recognition since their opening in 2016. Its particular uniqueness?

WANDRD introducing their new Daypack: Hello Duo

WANDRD is a company that started by brothers (Ryan, Spencer and Austin Cope) back in 2015. Their goal? Create the world's best travel camera bag in the perspective of a long haul and versatility. Using a crowdfunding platform, the other three designs saw huge success on Kickstarter and Indiegogo being backed well above goal. They are introducing their fourth instalment, introducing Duo.

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