Elegant Branding Work for Red Circle by Oddone

My old friend Roger Oddone has been quiet for a long time and now I understand why, he’s been working on some killer branding projects and the latest one is for RedCircle, a platform designed to empower the podcaster community to grow, earn money and be heard through free podcast hosting and a cross-promotional marketplace.

Oddone and brand strategist, Caren Williams, worked together with the San Francisco-based startup to define its strategic brand platform and visual identity system. Drawing inspiration from a microphone, sound waves and a red recording icon, the visual identity was designed to be flexible and to convey a sense of sophistication, contemporaneity, and boldness.



  • Visual identity system: Roger Oddone
  • Brand strategy: Caren Williams​​​​​​​

For more information make sure to check out Roger’s website and follow Oddone on Instagram

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