Elevating and celebrating a brands’ most iconic asset

Crown Royal Apple is stepping up their social media strategy this year. Considered kind of a spin-off of the classic Crown Royal, this delicious Apple version decided to go with its own style.  

Communication is divided in 3 different aspects: Serve (cocktails and drinks), Life (Culture, people and lifestyle) and Bottle (heroine their iconic bottle). In tandem Diageo's Global production studio ‘Unreasonable Studios’ and their AOR Anomaly. RLA was in charge of creating all bottle assets for a never ending social media library. The task was simple. Inspire the brand ethos in a bottle. Nightlife, playfulness and extravaganza. Actually an amazing brief for a creator. 

So after modeling the main bottle we went nuts. How could we express all this DNA, how could we represent this amazing personality. So we started sketching and testing different bottles with different styles. 

“ You don’t get a brief like this everyday. We’re lucky to work with such flexible and creative client” Rod Larrain - RLA Studio’s Founder 

For more information make sure to check out the RLA website.

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