Este Studio: Bringing creativity to fintech with N26's Virtual Cards

Este Studio, a design and animation powerhouse, isn't your typical creative agency. They take a deep dive into the world of technology, weaving together stunning visuals and innovative concepts. One recent project that exemplifies this perfectly is their collaboration with the digital banking giant N26. N26, known for its sleek app and mobile-first approach to banking, wanted to take virtual cards to the next level. Este Studio was tasked with creating a visual experience for N26's virtual cards that went beyond just numbers on a screen.

The result? A vibrant and interactive experience. Each virtual card comes to life with unique animations, reflecting the card's purpose. Need a card for a weekend getaway? It might be adorned with playful travel icons. Saving up for a big purchase? The animation could showcase a progress bar filling with each use. This collaboration isn't just about aesthetics; it's about creating a deeper connection between users and their finances. The animations add a layer of personality and fun, making managing money a more engaging experience.

This collaboration between Este Studio and N26 is a prime example of how design and technology can come together to create a more user-friendly and engaging experience, even within the realm of finance. It paves the way for a future where managing money isn't just a chore, but an interactive and visually satisfying journey.

3D Digital Art

Virtual card shaped as a cookie

Virtual card shaped as a suitcase

Virtual card shaped as a soap

Virtual card shaped as a speaker

Virtual card shaped as a cookie

Este Studio is a creative studio based in Valencia, Spain. Make sure to check out more of his works via the links below:

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