Framing the Fourth — Stylish 3D Wallpapers

Framing the Fourth is a collective of custom wallpapers designed and rendered in 3D software. The task of this project was to produce a variety of simplistic, light and dark wallpapers for use on smartphones and computers. The artistic side of these works focus on the framing and lighting of each render.


This collection was first released on instagram ( It will soon be available at full resolution on my website ( and will also be released as an NFT in the coming weeks.


The basis of these renders is a simple cloth simulation. Five separate circular sheets stacked close to each other, in a world without gravity. A collider object passing through their alignment creating an overall curved shape with some slight edge wrinkles. The sheets were assigned a simple glass material, some renders shown with a simple diffuse material. Lighting and reflections were controlled with a studio HDRI lighting setup. The simulation was done in Blender and rendered in Octane.


The title Framing the Fourth, comes from the sense that this is the fourth wallpaper collection. At this time, collections one, two and three are not yet released or otherwise are still in progress.

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