Internal Reflection: personal experiments on Cinema 4D

Being a product designer, I sometimes miss the 'good old days' of graphic design where there were almost 'no boundaries'. Except for when you needed to send something to the print shop, those were the days. It was pure freedom, this is how I envision the folks using Cinema 4D. Pure creative freedom! Speaking of that, we are featuring this series by titled: 'Internal Reflection'. A series of personal and colorful experiments using that very same software. First of all, I think the color tones definitely caught my eye from cold feelings all the way to something warm. It's pretty neat, hope you will like this one.

About Alex Maltsev

Alex is a freelance CG artist based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, his work is mostly related to motion and particles. If you are into this kind of medium, follow him on Behance.

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