HAPEBEAST Prime — 8K Unique NFTS

Matt Sypien is an art director working on a huge NFT endeavor to create 8K unique NFTs titled 'HAPEBBEAST Prime'. What is HAPEBEAST? It's part of what we call now 'new art' and fashion playground from London-based studio Digimental. The initial drop of 8,192 unique NFTs will promote and unites style, technology and community, and sets up HAPES as next-generation fashion leaders. I think those are so cool and I love the merge with fashion into this NFT drop, learn more at hapebeast.com. They are realeasing this drop in December.

NFT Spotlight


Matt Sypien is an art director from the Digimental Studio based in London, UK. You can check out more of his work at matt.sypien@digi-mental.com and learn more about hapebeast.com

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