Hello Oma Seasonal Farmers Market Visual Identity

Fagerstrom.studio created the visual identity for Hello Oma is a new seasonal farmers market located in East Hampton, Long Island (NY), which opened its doors during the summer of 2019.

It is dedicated to the production and sale of farm products, pantry & grocery items, and prepared foods. In general, everything that is needed to supply a kitchen. It is also a space dedicated to great coffee, baked goods, homemade chocolate and more, where people can meet, eat or drink something or simply find a place in the town to relax.

Hello Oma is a project led by Kristofer Kalas, an entrepreneur and local chef, who saw the need to supply the town with quality products to feed the large number of tourists visiting the area during summer season.

The name Hello Oma comes from the way Kristofer used to call his own grandmother; 'Oma', which in German means grandma.

The main purpose of Hello Oma is to offer high quality farm products and pantry items in a welcoming and homely environment, and to encourage people to cook with top-quality ingredients while creating a place that contributes positively to the local community.

Visual Identity

Photo Credits: Hello Oma®

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