Elegant Brand Identity for Hairlines by BULLSEYE

BULLSEYE - Aim on branding shared yet another beautiful brand identity project. We have featured them a few times, but they keep delivering great work. This time they worked don the hairdresser branding design, Hairlines, with a sensual and modern feel. Our challenge for this project was creating a logo and a visual identity that was expressive, yet elegant. Having in mind, the feminine world, as the brand’s target audience. 

For Hairlines brand, we’ve established a color scheme according to the space’s harmony, a deep and colored scheme, with the evidence of copper metal, which is a current trend. We strive to enhance the luxurious and sensual tone of the brand, associated with their wellness environment created to provide a unique experience to its costumers.

Brand identity

Bullseye – Aim on Branding is a multidisciplinary and creative studio based in Oporto, dedicated to create experiences and emotions in the various areas of Design, from Branding to Web and from Packaging Design to Editorial.

We are a studio, which focuses every day to help our customers to connect with their audience in an innovative, unique and effective way. We believe that design is a state of mind and that complex ideas should be transformed into simple and functional solutions, thus surpassing the expectations of our customers. We approach the challenges from several angles, betting on a team of remarkable and passionate people that make the difference creating a successful project.


  • Art Direction & Design: Bullseye aim on branding
  • Client: Hairlines*
  • Released in 2018


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