Introducing Fable — A collaborative, powerful motion design platform in your browser

We have received words from the fine folks from Fable about their accomplishment after 3+ years to build a motion design platform that is powerful, accessible, collaborative, FREE, and all possible within your web browser. I opened an account and will start playing with Fable for the next weeks. What's great about the product is that they provided you with a fantastic library of tutorials that get you started right into their universe. Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Fable is motion design software for the next generation of creators that’s powerful for pros, intuitive for beginners, and collaborative for teams.

Motion Design

  • It’s pro-grade software: At the heart of Fable is a powerful motion toolkit that comes loaded with a vector engine, rich effects, and a suite of motion tools to fuel endless creative possibilities. Exporting with Fable also happens in the cloud, supporting GIFs, MP4, ProRes, and even Lottie
  • It’s exclusively for everyone: The core of our mission is to empower creators and unlock storytelling opportunities, so we designed Fable from day 1 to be accessible as much as it is powerful. And to compliment the platform, the Fable Academy is packed with tips and tutorials to help newcomers finally get started with motion.
  • It’s collaborative for teams: With Fable, teams have a centralized workspace to manage files, assets, and permissions. Projects can be shared with stakeholders with just a link, and reviewing happens inline, without rendering projects or ever leaving the app.

About Fable

Fable is the web-based motion design platform that empowers all creators with access and opportunities to tell stories with motion. At the heart of Fable is powerful motion software that feels familiar to new designers yet still highly performant for pros. Combining a user-friendly interface with the power and collaboration of the web, Fable is the only solution that brings teams together to manage, create, and review projects with one platform, across the entire creative process. For more information, visit

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