Luiza Bola Personal Brand and Visual Identity

Luiza Bola shared her new branding and visual identity projectThe challenge was to graphically represent the values of my projects. Seeking the concept of luminosity and brainstorm, the visual representation of the "brightness" was chosen, defined by the Portuguese-BR Oxford dictionary as "light that a body radiates or reflects". That is how I see the creation process: reflection, explosion, light.

Hello, I'm Luiza! I believe that design can transform lives and businesses through projects that bring brands closer to people, creating enthralling narratives through visual identities.

The chosen color palette comes from the achromatic color spectrum; where white is composed of all the colors of light, and black, of its absence. Strategically applied, they are the most objective of colors, and refers to the motto "form follows function". In this way, when applied to a digital portfolio or on social media, the focus becomes my projects and creations.

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