Monthly Portfolio Inspiration with Semplice - January 2019

Hi! I’m Tobias van Schneider. I’m the co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio tool by designers for designers. We’re teaming up with Abduzeedo to share inspiring design portfolios each month. Here we’ll curate the best online portfolios from 3D designers, branding studios, artists, illustrators and more – all custom designed using Semplice.

Web Design - Portfolio


Blond is an industrial and product design studio based in the UK. Their recently launched site is as thoughtful and elegant as their work, with tasteful hover effects, scroll animations and interactive product images. The site does an excellent job showcasing the quality and sophistication of their work.

Rolando Luther

Rolando Luther is a 3D artist and animator located in Guatemala city. In refreshing contrast to the minimalist trends of today, Rolando uses colors, grids, and sliders in his portfolio with carefree abandon. Yet, the result feels smart and intentional.


Pleid is the design and motion studio of Juanma Mota, based in Madrid. Aside from containing some of the most visually compelling work I’ve seen on Semplice, Pleid’s portfolio design is pristine. Full-screen headers, clean grids, and large typography immediately establish Pleid as a solid studio.

Fernanda Sousa

Fernanda Sousa’s homepage is a delight to scroll through. An animated blob slides morphs and pulsates on the page as you scroll, highlighting each project in a complementary color. This, as well as unexpected choices like the wide project grid, make this portfolio memorable.

Poulsen Projects

Poulsen Projects, a design studio based in New York and Copenhagen, features their work with a single-page portfolio. Each project image is paired with a simple caption, allowing the work to speak for itself.

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