NFT Spotlight — Super Space Defenders

Today the NFT Spotlight will be on Maco - Project Leader & Main Artist of the project Super Space Defenders. Proud member of ANIFAM. Maco started his NFT artist career since the end of March 2021, building a name and a brand on OpenSea & Foundation. He’s a big fan of the 80s and 90s anime aesthetics, romantic comedies, indie rock, (J)RPG video games, and loves to chit chat (maybe too much). His love for the retro anime brought him to create this insane project of 8888 SSD including his vision transcending to Super Space Defenders NFT Collection.

Mint Info

The premint date of this project will hit the market on Monday, September 12th at 11 am EST, it is not too late to grab an Aurora capsule before mint so it could allow you 4 mint at a discount price on that day or hit the public mint on September 13th at 11 am EST, if there’s any left. Mark your Calendar soldiers and see you in space.


NFT Spotlight Illustration


As a fan of retro anime and games myself, this project brought me back to so many memories of reading mangas, watching dragon ball, Guyver, Akira, and mostly spending my day playing games. Speaking of games, SSD created a retro-inspired simple yet fun game you can try out yourself here: This Storytelling project is not only aesthetically beautiful for the art or genuinely thoughtful roadmap, but also future utilities for holders. All this is possible because of his dedicated humble team behind the project which he work closely to make this project possible (Vanglog, Knox, Junshi, NFT Forge, Alchemist, Memethologist, Tapas, Rollinorama, Velvet Bunny, Weebthan, Ethan, and Lancuria).

You can follow them or get to know more about the project yourself, remember always DYOR:

Some of these illustrations are copyrighted by ©SSD.

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