NFT Drop — Introducing the Non-Fungible G-Class

NFG, the Non-Fungible G-Class is the cool name for this upcoming drop coming on in a collaboration with renowned artists that some we have featured on abdz. Some of us will surely recognize the iconic boxy shape G-Class from Mercedes-Benz. An icon status beyond its function as a durable off-road vehicle and elegant appearance. For this drop, 5 artists have been chosen to create works that reflect on the fundamentals of what the car stands for; portraying the familiarity that the G-Class fan base relates to yet elevating it to a masterpiece into the NFT space. Let's take a look!

The G-Class has a rich history spanning 40 years; this year for its anniversary it is being relaunched and reinterpreted through a digital lens. The inclusivity and reputation built around the G-Class have earned it an icon status beyond its function as a durable off-road vehicle and elegant appearance.

NFT Drop

This distinctive project tasked 5 international reputable artists from the NFT space to interpret the G-Class in their own style. The artists involved all have very different backgrounds, styles, digital tools and mediums they use, resulting in a series of intriguingly varied results. Coming from fields crossing music, fashion, graphic design, architecture, creative marketing, luxury design and real estate, the process and approach of the artists brings an interdisciplinary element to the series.

Roger Kilimanjaro

Charlotte Taylor

Anthoni Tudisco



About the drop

  • Artpieces will begin with different price categories of $222 up to $1,554.
  • Contribution by Diogo Rosa
  • Dropping on Nifty Gateway on and the drop date will be 23rd January2022 at 6 PM EST

The drop will include special milestone features; there will be a spectacular raffle for all NFT holders when the collective primary sales reach $1million, this will be a physical G-Class. The second milestone will include the raffle of another G-Class between the artists if the project reaches $2 million in primary sales. Nifty Gateway is a very accessible and easy platform to navigate and purchase NFTs, with the ability to buy via credit card without holding cryptocurrency.

The NFG project was carried out by UNIQUECOL (Can Florian Ahegger, founder of ART2PEOPLE) and MARCO MORI (3-D artists and member of ART2POEPLE) by following the vision to build a bridge between the G-Class as a design piece and „OG“ of the luxury automotive industry and the NFT space. Beside artist projects ART2PEOPLE is also involved in different NFT projects for several brands in the luxury industry with the aim to develop sustainable, authentic and individual business models in the NFT space.

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