Industrial Design and Brand Identity for Unicorn Scooters

The amazing people over at Unicorn scooters reached out to us to share a bit more about their vision and of course, their design process. They create a scooter totally focused on the idea of sharing. It’s electric and has a super sleek look. Everything is really well thought out, from the industrial design to the brand identity. We also love to receive this type of message. If you have any product you would like us to feature here on the blog, let us know.

We are the Unicorn scooters. Yes, you’ve read it correctly - Unicorn. The legendary creature from antiquity together with the depths of our imagination. We came to this world with a mission. A mission, to make a radical change to the ridiculous amount of urban pollution, traffic jams and the old-school approach towards mobility. We have accumulated our magical powers and have designed the e-scooter made exceptionally for sharing. It has an outstanding design, durable quality, and just the right functionality. Everything you need to explore your city in a smart, quiet and clean way. Each journey from A to B will be full of adventure and discovery. Ride the Unicorn and see your city from a different perspective.

Industrial Design and Branding



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