A series of Illustrations for UI by Aldiyar Aidash

It's not my first time seeing this but the use of 'illustration' in product design is very important nowadays. Most of us designers are eager to craft the simplest and most intuitive user experience. Meanwhile, we do sometimes neglect the use of illustrations to communicate the features with much more tenacity. This is why we are sharing the work of Aldiyar Aidash who is a product designer taking a stab at illustrations, really great stuff! It's definitely will be inspiring some of us to take the right 'virage'.

Illustration & UI

Nommi 2.0, Buhta 2.0 and Cronex 2.0

About Aldiyar Aidash

Aldiyar is a product designer working at Buhta.kz, Nommi.net based in Antalya, Turkey. Make sure to follow his work who are majorly focused on interface design, user experience and now illustration.

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