Flow - Motion Design Exploring the World of Mountain Bikes

Flow is a curious visual exploration journey into the world of mountain bikes and its elements. For some time Twistedpoly wanted to bridge his two passions, which is his creative side and the love for bikes. This film is the result of experimenting with different elements using Cinema 4D for 3D and motion graphics accompanied by music and sound design by White Noise Lab.


Still Frames


Twistedpoly / Nejc Polovsak is a digital artist. With over 10 years of experience in the field, he’s working worldwide, with brands, agencies and studios.

Based in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia and working globally, he’s mostly working in a field of bringing high-end stylized abstraction to products and brands, always in search for something fresh. He takes on concepts, design frames, animation and can creatively or technically lead small to mid sized projects.


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