Flying Hotels, a new series of surreal art by Matthias Jung

We're delighted to introduce Flying Hotels, a new series of surreal art by Matthias Jung. Jung has held a fascination for collages since childhood beginning in the photo lab of his father. With a simple pair of scissors and glue, he was inspired to create his first fantastic buildings and has been doing so ever since. His early process of cutting apart photos and making them into new shapes isn't much different nowadays. The digital possibilities in the realm of image processing have led many to be artistically impressed with Photoshop. Matthias works hard to avoid this claiming the computer program is only a tool. It should not determine the content.

I am always amazed at how architectural details can evoke certain associations and feelings.Matthias has a unique way of composing his works by correlating the individual elements, as if in a dream, which one may agree is not unlike a collage. Functionally speaking, you'll notice his careful consideration of design rules. Thus, the relationship between order/disorder and homogeneity/diversity must agree. A building must first be stable and credible before becoming "disordered" to let it fly for example. One such disorder refers to another, only hinting at reality, weaving spiritual realities into everyday things.

My pictures should reflect reality. I am always amazed at how architectural details can evoke certain associations and feelings. This is how a latticed window conveys coziness; one might even say it is soulful. Framework is soothing, sometimes touching. Antennas have something sinister about them. They point to something outside the picture. Concrete is cold and foreign – but maybe interesting for just that reason. 

About Flying Hotels by Matthias Jung

Welcome to the Hotels of Zabadu. Flying cruise ships that take you to places beyond our universe and imagination. Tickets are only available in the lottery of life in which every one participates automatically. Take a break from reality. And take your time as the journey could take a few light years. Good conversation in the bars and cafes is not only encouraged but also necessary, since inspiration and imagination are the actual fuel. The four hotels were created within 6 days. That is, in one go. Each has its own personality. The Rosy Dream Hotel, for example, is a cool establishment for a young crowd, while the Green Pasture Hotel will attract a rather older middle-­class clientele. The Orange Cake Bar is a place where (life)artists and free spirits meet. The Blue Noon Hotel, on the other hand, is for travelers who set more value on material comfort. No matter which hotel is cho­sen, the traveller will come back changed. For example, it is completely unthinkable to maintain racial prejudices after such a journey. It is part of the standard programme of a journey with the hotels of Zabadu to enter into other world views. Amen! 

Matthias Jung's works have been published worldwide in magazines, books and online. Be sure to also check his collection of architectural and other collages here. 

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