Branding DOD Alfaiataria

DOD Alfaiataria is an independent streetwear clothing brand from Sao Paulo, Brazil. DOD was born when Juares Tenorio (A.K.A. JUBBA) made some handmade and tailored pants for himself and some close friends. Their pants are a mix of classic and modern design, with high quality and comfortable fabric for both casual and skatewear. DOD is now a well-known and desired brand among the fashion streetwear segments in São Paulo. Their brand wears famous people and also anyone who wants to be like DOD - Dapper or Dandy.

The identity was designed by Richard Rodrigues, a Brazilian designer who proposed to help his friend JUBBA, create a logo for their brand. As DOD is a simple word, it was designed like an ambigram, to be more fun and flexible for application in many ways.

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