Apple Watch Face Gallery Animal Illustrations

Diana D'Achille has poured her passion and creativity into designing a free Apple Watch face gallery app, featuring her very own animal illustrations. 

If you own an Apple Watch and are passionate about both art and animals, you’re going to love this new free app! Diana created a captivating new app, called Watch Faces Gallery Animals, allowing users to explore a collection of her very own hand-designed animal illustrations for their Apple Watch! Whether you’re an animal lover or an art enthusiast, this free app is bound to captivate your imagination and bring a touch of whimsy to your daily wrist.

Although some animals demand intricate details, presenting challenges along the way, Diana embraces them wholeheartedly, using these moments as opportunities for growth and learning. Her determination to overcome these obstacles adds depth and character to her artwork and Apple Watch app. We hope you love her animals!

Design & App Process

All of Diana's captivating animal illustrations begin with a sketch, either on paper or her trusty iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil in Procreate. Before immersing herself in the creative process, she diligently conducts thorough research on the chosen animal. Diana's artistic pursuit is driven by a passion to infuse each animal with its unique personality and best characteristics.

Once Diana completes her initial animal sketch, she then transitions it over to Illustrator, where she skillfully transforms the sketch into a triangular mesh. This meticulous process ensures that every intricate detail of the animal takes shape for the masterpiece that will soon come to life.

Download free app: Apple Watch Faces Gallery Animals

Free Apple Watch face of killer whales Diana designed by hand

Diana D’Achille’s design process: Low polygon animal vector to finalized Apple Watch face for her app

Happy penguin Apple Watch face illustration 

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Download free app: Apple Watch Faces Gallery Animals

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