Orpheus - 350+ cuts of paper sculpture/installation

Orpheus is a paper sculpture / installation made from 350+ cuts of paper created by Aivaras Ligeika. Custom-made glass showcase has a light installed in the base that gently illuminates the sculpture at night-time, creating a unique experience for the observer.

The author explores the relationship between a human and matter, and realizes the desire to form the environment reflecting the image of a thought. Hundreds of illusions cut from sheets of paper create a harmonious, sculptural object reminiscent of a mute symphony of dreams and ideas. The unsustainable matter embodies the fragility of the moment of the life of thought.

Stills & Process




  • Author: Aivaras Ligeika
  • Cinematography: Dominykas Stelmokas
  • Composer: Sugam Khetan

About the author, Aivaras Ligeika

An independent visual artist, a curious mind, and a member of the contemporary art movement. In constant endeavour to fuse art and technology. Attention is dedicated to animation, film, design, and installation art fields. Has profound affection for the great minds.

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