Syntax - Branding and UX Design

At Dot Creative, they are not afraid to put their money where their mouth is. So when it came to the release of their own brand safety solution, they created a product and accompanying website that was true to their principles of service design and excellence.

The idea for the product was sparked by a lack of regionally focused brand safety solutions that could cater to the unique linguistic landscape of Europe. Enter Syntax. Syntax relies on a state of the art NLP (Natural Language Processing) to identify and analyze content in 19 different languages. With the help of Syntax marketing professionals have greater control over what content their brands’ ads appear at, providing them with brand safety as well as targeting possibilities.

With such a complex issue, there is no shortage of information, tips and angles to shower potential users with. Dot Creative designers challenge was to provide an accessible and easy-to-understand control panel, with an optimized landing page, and to find balance between showcasing USPs and direct information for visitors. The project also extended to the design and execution of the ad campaign accompanying the launch of the tool, to raise awareness of the product and it’s value.


  • Product Owners: Zoltán Papp, Stoics Ambro, Attila Kassitzky - Dot Creative
  • Creative Director: Vince Pataky
  • Design Director: Dániel Buzas
  • Content Director: Márton Surowiak
  • UX Design: Dóra Melher, Tamás Stephen
  • Content Visual, 3D Design: Dóra Melher
  • UI Designers: Dóra Melher, Péter Bódis, Márk Tóth, 

More informaiton make sure to check out Dot Creative website. Also coming soon:

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