'Ultimate Digital Inspo', a repository of Web & UI Layouts

Efir Media shared on their Behance, a series of Web & UI layouts to showcase their skills and how much efforts they put into their projects. And of course, it's inspirational especially on the part with the animated transitions. They showcase a different kind of variety of projects from a full web experience to a responsive design. If you have never heard of Efir Media, you must have seen their work featured on CSS Design Awards. Make sure to check out the full project on Behance.

We made up a special folio of some of our works to show how much effort we invest in our projects, what result our clients get and maybe to bring you some inspiration.

Web Design & UI Design

About Efir Media

Efir Media is a digital creative agency founded in 2016 in the USA, they are a passionate team of designers, developers, UI/UX specialists, writers, illustrators and strategists.

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