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UX Case Study: The Dia App for Diabetes Control

The fine folks from Fireart Studio has shared a well-documented UX case study on their work for 'The Dia App' which is an application for diabetes control. It's no secret that people with diabetes face a daily challenge that could affect their health on the daily basis. I think giving some sort of control can help ease the process of repetition and how accurate we can support them somehow.

'Glassmorphism UI', a new variant of 'Neumorphism'?

Alright, seeing more and more of this new UI trend called 'Glassmorphism' on Dribbble and social platforms. What is it? Well at the first glance, it looks like another variant to past year UI trend 'Neumorphism' that we enjoyed ourselves featuring on abdz. I think it's cool and seeing designers experiment with new ways to play on interfaces whatever we think it's accessible or not. Or if you think it's relevant or genuine step onwards.

Wealth Management UI/UX Concept

Seeing a slight shift of designers getting into fintech, financial services, and wealth management. It's a complex area to traverse knowing that the reasoning behind the business has been hereabouts for a long-time. There are definitely things to learn and to impose to keep bringing design close to the table. With that said, knowing the target audience is super key in terms of defining the experience, I kind of digging this concept by Artem Badbrother Pravda who is a product designer based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Alfa Bank iOS App Design Concept

We are sharing the an iOS concept of the Alfa Bank on iOS designed by Mihail Grinchuk, a digital product designer based on Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. This is officially our first case study sharing mockups with the new iPhone 12 Pro (Yay!). Back to the case study, first of all, it's a nice redesign. Most of us will be familiar with some of the visual approach since it's somehow a standard now in financial technologies. You know what I mean if you think of 'dark mode, graphs, cards at the top of the layout and etc.

'Ultimate Digital Inspo', a repository of Web & UI Layouts

Efir Media shared on their Behance, a series of Web & UI layouts to showcase their skills and how much efforts they put into their projects. And of course, it's inspirational especially on the part with the animated transitions. They showcase a different kind of variety of projects from a full web experience to a responsive design.

An Innovative Car-Sharing solution concept - Interaction Design

Ok, Intellias shared a very interesting UI/UX case study on a solution of what would be an 'innovative car-sharing solution'. Let 's explore this concept. For starters, right off the bat, I took a genuine interest to feature their project, not because of the layout presentation, UI work and/or interface transitions. But for the process. They kindly share what they have learned from the process as for the feature per se, personas, a customer journey map, use cases list and a lot more.

Case Studies Inspiration: A Roundup by aida pacheva, Henry Kunjumon and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off for the Weekend? Why not! For this week, I decided to pull together a collection of 'case studies' inspiration. Mainly the idea came after publishing my own case study and decided to go for a surf on hand-picked shots from Dribbble.

Redesigning the UI & Shopping Experience for Uniqlo HK app

Zion W is a brand & UI/UX designer based in Sydney, Australia. He shared a great redesign of UI and the shopping experience for one of my favorite clothing brand out there: Uniqlo HK app. I am currently using its North American version and it's a disaster in terms of its entire experience (💡). There are several things from Zion's concept that I dearly appreciate. First and foremost, its user interface is simplified and there is a consistency in the patterns for an e-commerce shopping experience.

How much does a UX designer earn around the World?

Did you ever ask this question? How much a UX designer earn around the World? I did 'Google' that very same question recently for a personal/career life change that is about to happen. I decided to share this reliable source I have found from PingPong who have built a site titled: uxdesignersalaries.com. It's a helpful overview to learn more about how our job is recognized all over the globe. It's very insightful and I would like to add a note they are other factors to consider other than the salary.

Mobile Design Inspiration: A roundup by Arman Rokni, Cao Hao and more

A new Pure Design Inspiration is up! One burst of inspiration roundup to kick it off. For this week, I decided to explore 'Mobile Design' as we are saying a higher trend of rounded corners just like our previous article on 2019 Biggest UI Design Trend and further the rise of transitions treated like 'tabs' or collapsible hidden sections who are waiting to be triggered. What do you think? Is it something we will see more in the future?

Tommy Touch: Rethinking the retail experience with Tommy Hilfiger

Momkai shared on their Behance a collaboration between the clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger to reinvent the retail experience by placing interactive screens right on the physical display to enhance the in-store experience. There is definitely a cool factor that would eager people to give it a whirl. I would also think this will be a good placement for advertisements of some sort through promotions, branded content and more.

U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Web Design Concept

Oliver Gareis has shared with us through our Facebook, a cool web design concept for U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. Oliver has worked on projects like the web design for the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. He has this great ability at adjusting text, layout, and imagery with style to enhance our desktop experience. For U.S.

Undivided Rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry

holy â„¢ is an agency of all sorts of services, from branding all the way to the user interface design. Based in Athens, Greece, they shared on their Behance, a major rebranding & UI/UX for Useberry. They have revamped their entire look from visual identity, UI/UX, iconography, illustrations, animations and even copywriting. Useberry is an intuitive user-testing tool, which provides codeless prototype analytics.

Interaction Design & UI/UX: A closer look at the Tesla Model 3 touchscreen

I am a great fan of Tesla and also of Elon Musk, the care of his level of thinking for the user experience and vision simply changed the game of the entire car industry. Earlier this year, they have introduced the Tesla Model 3; the mid-size all-electric four-door luxury sedan starting at a very affordable price. As a designer, what struck me the most was the removal of the "conventional" interior car interface replaced by a 15-inch touchscreen.

Stylish UI Design for Nike SB Concept Project

We have featured Side B projects in the past here on Abduzeedo. We like to diversify but they really got me by creating an beautiful UI Design concept project for Nike SB. If you didn't know, I am a huge skateboarding fan. I used to skateboard when I was younger, I still do from time to time. For some reason I stopped but I keep up with the sport by following skaters as well as watching the Street League. If there's one thing that got me into design was skateboarding.

Fantastic UI Design by Gal Shir

Nothing like an awesome set of Interface Design to close the week. There are some very talented designers out there doing sweet interfaces... one of them is Tel Aviv based designer Gal Shir! Gal comes up with some very stylish pieces of UI design. These are only a handful of his work! For more of it, please visit his portfolio at Dribbble! I hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Cheers. ;)

Project Comet: Adobe UX tool

Adobe has been the biggest software maker for the design community. Since I started my design journey I have been using their software, especially Photoshop. One of my favorite tools, however, was the forever missed Fireworks, an app that was initially created by Macromedia which was bought by Adobe. Fireworks had it all, pages, frames, symbols, vector and a lot of top UX designers using it. That wasn't enough for Adobe and they killed it.

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