User Interface Inspiration - 3D Illustrations

Ever since we introduced the new abdz. design, I haven't really taken advantage of some of its key features to help us share 'inspiration' on the blog. One of them is the 'video embed integration' that I have been requesting for quite some time, now it's here. For my first roundup, I wanted to share a series of 'user interface inspiration' handpicked from Dribbble.

For this somehow come back, I decided to take a closer look at: 3D Illustrations. As I mentioned before on abdz., I truly think that 3D has its part in product design and definitely has evolved through its many stages during the course of the last year particularly. Staying away from a 'flat design', the main goal stays the same but the visual approach is playful, unique and can get pretty creative. What do you think of the importance of 3d in product design?


By Anton Tkachev
By ??????????????
By Cuberto
By Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪

Blurr. Series - Hero Header mobile plan working cloud typography minimal clean web app web character 3d character illustration 3d illustration 3d icon 3d hero header ux design ui design ux ui

By Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪
By David Kovalev ◒

Apple not flat figma shadow lighting neuomorphic skeuomorphic ios14 ios 3d logo apple

By Tran Mau Tri Tam ✪
By Dash

Bento product design website design landing website ui8 illustrations uidesign figma ux ui ios macos webapp visual design

By Claudio Guglieri


By Cuberto
By tubik

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