Industrial Design for Pixel 2 by Vincent Claudepierre

If you love industrial design you should follow Vincent Claudepierre on Behance. He has been sharing some incredible projects he has done while his time at Google. One of these projects is the Pixel 2 industrial design, probably one of my favorite designs for Android, especially the XL with the “panda” color scheme.

Description by Vincent

Pixel 2 set up a strong evolution from previous Nexus and Pixel phone. The idea behind my concept was to hide all the distracting element that user does not need to see. The multiple antenna splits are hidden behind the coating, the camera sensors and NFC are all behind one piece of glass, the great front firing speakers are blending with the screen, the branding is sober. In the meantime I wanted to keep a strong identity for the device to stand out in a crowded market. The split glass-metal design of the rear cover, creates a unique visual language and a semantic separation between the camera sensors and the hand-holding zone. At the end the phone does not look technical, feels approachable and iconic.


  • Statut: Production 2017
  • ID lead: Vincent Claudepierre and Yomi Matsuoka
  • Design: Vincent Claudepierre, Jacqueline Bae
  • Photo: Vincent Claudepierre and Google

Industrial Design

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