#AdobeMAX THE Creativity Conference. Get ready to be inspired.

Adobe MAX IS the conference to attend when you are part of the industry as a designer, an artist, a creator, and basically anybody who promotes 'creativity' in their workflow. Adobe is being known to always bring quality expectations for its events, even during a global pandemic. They definitely had to adjust the formula but it doesn't change how 'grandiose' this conference going to be. First of all, it's going to be free and at no cost.

Adobe Announces Major Updates to Creative Cloud Apps

This morning, Adobe announced and released major new features and numerous collaboration and productivity enhancements to Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop, Lightroom, XD, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more. I know you probably read it on all major sites and blogs, however as an Adobe user, especially a Photoshop user for a long time I’d love to highlight 2 new features. These features, if existed 15 years ago, would have saved me so much time. 

Adobe MAX 2019 Kicks Off Today

Adobe MAX—The Creativity Conference kicks off today in Los Angeles, bringing together more than 15,000 creative minds. In this morning’s keynote, Adobe will unveil the latest innovations in Creative Cloud and welcome creative luminaries from all over the world. There are so many awesome news but I would love to highlight the addition to co-editing in XD. I think that is a game changer feature that helps teams work better and faster.

Adobe Announces Redesigned Creative Cloud Desktop App

Today, Adobe announced the new Creative Cloud desktop application. The app has been redesigned from the ground up to offer an intuitive way to access Adobe apps, update them, and discover other Adobe apps that complement or extend your creativity. Some features of the new CC Desktop app:

Glowing, Glowing, Gone - Raising awareness to save coral reefs

Our friends are Adobe has announced a very good announcement to raise awareness to save coral reefs. Revealed as a global campaign titled: “Glowing Glowing Gone", advocating action by highlighting the global danger related to fluorescing corals. Let's take a look of what Pantone Color Institute and Adobe have in store through their new initiatives.

Introducing the Adobe Creative Residency 2019

Our friends from Adobe have introduced us to their new residents of the Adobe Creative Residency for 2019-20, we have designers coming from all over the globe. What we do love is this year’s residents are the largest and most diverse class yet, with projects from Experience Design, Digital Drawing and Painting, Videography, and Photography. Let's meet them!

36 Days of Type x Adobe Partnership Announcement

We are big fans of the 36 days of type on ABDZ, in fact we have featured the project and the submitting artists several times. Now they are back bigger with a collaboration with our friends from Adobe. To give designers and type lovers a chance to show off their type design skills, win a one-year Creative Cloud subscription and be featured on the 36 Days of Type Instagram account. The rules are simple.

Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected

Our friends from Adobe has shared with us their latest collaboration with Moleskine. Introducing the Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected, it's their second collaboration and this new notebook will allow users, as its name suggests to link their work created on paper to Adobe Illustrator CC, where it can then be further developed, edited, colored, refined, organized and even shared in different file formats.

Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork

Our good pal Noelia Lozano has shared with us some of her latest work. We will be sharing her project for Adobe Creative Days Spain - Boost Your Flow Artwork. Watch for the process because it's amazingly good! The artwork is a mixture of different techniques using papercrafts, 3D renderings, a vectorial drawing made with Adobe Illustrator, paint splashes capture on Adobe Capture App and images take from Adobe stock.

Color of Place Series: Photographs turned into Color Palettes

Our friends from Adobe have shared the beautiful work from Julieanne Kost, she is the principal digital imaging evangelist at Adobe. She started a series entitled: "Color of Place", a series of images created from blurred strips of travel photographs. The “Color of Place” body of work reveals the color palette of 25 locations around the globe as Julieanne sees them. It's quite remarkable! We shared a few shots from the process behind the series, it's proven experiment that takes a lot of patience and creativity.

Adobe announces huge update to its Lightroom Ecosystem

It's been a longtime coming and it's nice to see an from Lightroom, they have introduced huge updates including the all-new Sensei-powered feature called Enhance Details. Combining the power of machine learning and computational photograph that takes a brand new approach to RAW photos. This feature is now available in Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows.

Freebie: Fashion Influencer UI Kit for Adobe XD

I have been playing more and more with Adobe XD, especially with their latest auto-animate feature. We will definitely release new tutorials about their killer new feature on ABDZ. By the meantime, we are sharing this free UI Kit by Zhenya Rynzhuk called: Fashion Influencer UI Kit for Adobe XD.

Interactive Prototypes using Auto-Animate by Adobe XD

Back in October, Adobe XD released their biggest addition's feature yet: Auto-Animate. In the world of prototyping, creating simple interactions is a thing shared by many design tools. But creating immersive animations are another thing, making transitions between your artboards with a flair.

Adobe Creative Residency 2019 - Calling all creatives!

Our friends from Adobe has announced they are now open for applications for 2019-2020 class of Adobe Creative Residency. Imagine having a year-long program that provides creatives with the resources, support and networking opportunities to jumpstart their creative ambitions and turn them into a profession. If this sounds right for you, you should definitely apply now.

Introducing Osore Runner1982 Lightroom Preset

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported my Osore: Sararīman Lightroom Presets. It has been quite overwhelming to be honest, for what started as a simple idea. Well, I am not done yet! Introducing today Osore Runner1982. For those who might have understood the reference already, it's a preset inspired by a 1982 neo-noir science fiction film. Any guesses?

Adobe Stock's Forecast 2019 Visual Trends

In 2019, our visual landscape will reflect far more than fleeting fads, likes, and shares. We’ll be surrounded by images that capture passionate, beautiful, contentious, messy cultural conversations about values, how we express our individuality and experiences, and how we find refuge in tumultuous times.

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