Introducing Neumorphism UI Trends, we wanted this.

Since the beginning of the year, we are having fun sharing about 'Skeuomorphism' and now Neumorphism which is now the 'newer' term from Skeuomorphism. How about we called this trend: Neumorphism UI? One thing for sure, whatever you think it's a trend or not; it definitely had us creating Neumorphism for UI kits, integrations or this cool soft-UI CSS code generator by Adam . On our side, we are not backing down just yet on the inspiration side of things. Here we go with another set of hand-picked shots from Dribbble, hope you will enjoy this!

via Dribbble

By Gavrisov Dmitri

By Alexander Plyuto

By Filip Legierski

By Sèrgi Mi

By Ariel Jędrzejczak

By Andrei Simion

By Sandro Tavartkiladze

By Patryk Szymański

By Valentin Salmon

By Samson Vowles

By Hero

By Rian Darma

By Eugenia

By Gamat_Nocks

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