A look at the making of Google Pixel 4

Arthur Kenzo is an industrial designer working in the Google Industrial Design Team. He shared a look of the making of the Google Pixel 4. I do own the Pixel 4 and it's quite fascinating to see some of the behind-the-scenes of what went through the process and designing Google's flagship phone. There is a line from Arthur's story that I really like and as I quote: 'Pixel 4 was designed to be soft in the hand and approachable, human.' I do agree that when holding the Pixel 4 feels just right in your hand, the back glass is not retaining any fingertip smudges which makes the phone really defined in terms of everyday experience. Whatever you like its design or not, I think it's always rewarding to get a glimpse of its process.


Pixel 4 was designed to be soft in the hand and approachable, human. The form has been carefully sculpted out of aluminum and curved Gorilla Glass 5. Pixel 4 design is confidently different, approachable and simple. The sophisticated yet fresh approach to materials, colors and finishes is uniquely Google.


  • Designed by Google Industrial Design Team
  • Image courtesy by Google

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