Cerebri Sans Pro™, a geometric-grotesk sans serif typeface

Continuing in the same atmosphere with fonts & typefaces, I stumbled across this lovely 'geometric-grotesk' (their naming) sans serif typeface named Cerebri Sans Pro™. At first glance, it's totally a font I would use of any of my 'interface design' projects, they have about 600+ per style and 20 styles. It's quite a lot and supported in more than 30+ languages. Designed by Hanken Design Co., a design shop based in Batangas City, Philippines. They are the pros when it comes to fonts and typefaces, make sure to check out their site and Behance profile for more of their work.

Credits & Info

  • Download Cerebri Sans Pro™
  • Design+Development: Alfredo Marco Pradil
  • Company: Hanken Design Co.
  • Glyphs: 600+ per style, Styles: 20, Class: Geometric, Grotesk

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