Introducing Escuro Lightroom CC Preset

Escuro in Portuguese means dark, blackish or closer to black than white., Escuro is also the name of the new set of Lightroom CC presets created with the intent of turning photos of ocean water in its various states into a minimalistic image. Photography has always been a hobby and a passion for me. I am more of an enthusiast, so the thrilling of learning is present at every click of the shutter.

Back to Escuro, the presets effect is achieved by reducing the brightness and increasing the contrast of the highlights that really matter. It's also a common effect used in motion design and other graphics, like the Imagine Entertainment logo that is animated before movies. As a fan of movies, that inspired me to create this preset to improve the tons of photos of waves and ocean I have taken.

What's included

There are 4 different presets: e1, e2, e3, e4. Below you can see the comparison between the original and photos with Escuro in action.


Download Escuro

Get Escuro Lightroom CC preset

For more photos, check out my Unsplash page. With this Lightroom preset abdz. now offers 2 presets, Urbano and Escuro. Each one of them is focused exclusively on a specific use case.

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