Sunset in the Bay Area - Photography

I have been following the lockdown rules with my family very respectfully. I know it’s difficult to, who could imagine that we would be doing this since March? I guess this is one of those known unknowns that happen in life. Nonetheless, we still find ways to get out of the house. What makes it easier for me is also the fact that there are beautiful places to go, just 15 minutes from my house. And that’s what we did last Saturday. 

We prepared some food and drinks and drove to the Berkeley Marina. I parked my pickup truck. Yes, I do have a pickup truck. Childhood dream from a Brazilian watching too many American shows. That’s for another post tho. Back to the story. I parked the truck, put 3 chairs in the bed of the pickup, we got some blankets, sat and watched the sunset. Small things have a big impact in your mood and stress levels. 

I just wanted to share this little story and encourage you to keep it up. Go out if you can (wearing a mask) and enjoy nature. At the end of the day, we are all part of the same thing. 

And, by the way I took some photos. Some of them I used my new preset Escuro. Check out below.


Photos taken with Sony A7 III and Tamron 28-200 F/2.8-5.6 Di III RXD. For more of my photos visit my Unsplash page

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