'Dragon Never Die' - A short film tribute to Bruce Lee

What an amazing tribute to a renowned legend, Bruce Lee. DINPURU tv has shared a short film titled 'Dragon Never Die' and it's a beautiful tribute to the martial legend Bruce Lee and his philosophy of 'water'. 'Be water my friend', I think we have heard at least once this saying in our lives. I like how DINPURU tv has shared the concept and the idea behind the film, even to explain the reasoning on the dark tones of the background of alleys from Hong Kong streets. The idea is simple but super well-executed, I won't lie I watched that video 10 times already. So should you, thank you for sharing your work.

''Dragon Never Die'' is a Bruce Lee tribute short film and also a passion project I worked in my spare time for the last two and half months. This short was inspired by legendary martial artist Bruce Lee's famous philosophy of water. The main concept of the short is to visualize the quote and present it with a stylize modern appearance.

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