Birds of Oakland Photography

I love photography. I dabble in the world by taking photos but every time I do I am humbly reminded of my position in this field. I am an enthusiast, very far from a professional and that’s okay. As the classic surfer saying goes "The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun” I feel the same about photography, it’s all about having fun. If you have the right equipment, you can have even more fun! That’s the case with the new super telephoto lens I got for my Sony A73. After seeing my co-worker Josh Soto (and far more talented photographer than me) get the Sony 200-600, I got motivated to do the same. Three weeks in and I don’t regret the investment one bit. An added bonus, my wife is also having fun as well and as the other old saying goes, “happy wife, happy life.”

Enjoy some fun shots of our local neighborhood birds and more bird content is surely to follow :)

To check out my other photos take a look at my Unsplash page @abduzeedo 


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