Unsplash introduces 'Visual Search', a new way to find images

It's cool to see products sharing enhancements through user experience and technical implementations that actually improve usage on the daily basis. It might pretty much product talk right now but this is why I always admire what the fine folks from Unsplash are building. Today we are taking a look at 'Visual Search' which is a new way on Unsplash to find more images. In a few words, you start by either drag & drop or paste the image URL in order to find images easier either for topics, find the original image on Unsplash, or to find a similar image. Let's take a look!

Transforming our visual understanding of an image into keyword inputs is challenging. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could take any existing image and use that as the basis for your search?

In their words

Making hard to search images easy to find

With Visual Search, you simply click the Visual Search icon in the search bar and drop the image or URL into the popup to search for similar visual results.

Finding the original Unsplash image and photographer

Sometimes you see an image in use on a site and you wonder “Is that an Unsplash image?”. Or you might have an image on your hard drive, but you’ve lost the name of the original photographer to attribute. Now with Visual Search, you can drop any version of the image into Unsplash to find the source image—it even works with remixes of the image.

Finding a similar free Unsplash image from elsewhere on the web

Have you ever found an image on another site and wished you could use it, but it’s under a more restrictive license? With Visual Search, you can drop the image into the search input and find similar openly licensed images on Unsplash.

I personally had to give it a try and it works by using one of my Osore Lightroom photos. Well done Unsplash Team!

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