Branding — Texture, helps people grow based on book contents

Bold Period Inc shared a branding and visual identity project for Texture, a mobile social platform that smartly records and shares sentences you meet in books. You can start reading comfortably with sentences, and write down your favorite sentences with scrap. And through the sentences, you can learn new books and discover your reading taste that you didn't know.

‘Texture’ started with the concern of reading well, recording well, and growing. Online bookstores and e-books are full of unilaterally selected photos and writings. It is not easy to find a book that suits your taste in recommendations of new books, famous writers, and popular books. That's why we created this brand to meet sentences that touched our hearts and connected the process to reading naturally.

Brand core value

‘Read. Discover. Connect.’ is the core values of the app service ‘Texture’ that helps people grow based on book contents. Within these brand core values, textures provide users with a service to search and collect sentences. And users can learn their reading tendencies and communicate with other users through collected sentences.

©2021 Bold Period Inc. The images of this project are different from the actual App product as a design for brand concept proposal.

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