Fontwerk Unveils Case 2.0: A Typography Marvel for Branding Projects

Fontwerk, the renowned type foundry, is proud to introduce Case 2.0, the latest iteration of their timeless Neo-Grotesque font. With its wealth of expertise and delightful surprises, Case 2.0 possesses a no-nonsense personality that makes it an ideal choice for any branding endeavor.

The Case Collection is the product of Fontwerk's extensive experience in crafting corporate fonts tailored to clients' specific preferences for a sans serif typeface inspired by beloved classics. Notable industry figures Erik Spiekermann, Anja Meiners and Ralph du Carrois have been instrumental in numerous highly acclaimed custom-type projects. However, they often found themselves working on variations of the ubiquitous Neo-Grotesque. With Case, they amalgamated the best elements of this genre and infused it with a fresh, modern vitality. Case 2.0 represents a complete overhaul of this confident and matter-of-fact typeface.

One of the most distinctive features of Case lies in its name itself. Derived from the systematic characteristic of terminating characters such as c, a, s, e, and their counterparts, including capital letters, small caps, and unicase characters, each glyph occupies its specific height. This design choice emphasizes horizontality, compelling an almost compulsive sense of harmony and enabling tight spacing and experimental applications. As the weight increases, this feature becomes increasingly dominant, culminating in ExtraBlack, which boldly pushes the limits. This intentional inversion of harmony empowers designers to create more concise logos, wordmarks, and headlines. Given that a typeface's name should encapsulate its character, and considering that most (co)designed fonts by Erik Spiekermann consist of four letters, the naming of Case felt like a natural choice.

Case's exceptional legibility is another of its remarkable strengths, attributed in large part to its three optical sizes: the core family, perfect for most applications and larger use; Case Text, suitable for more extensive content; and Case Micro, designed specifically for small text.

In this latest version, the Fontwerk team has diligently reworked Case from the ground up. They have expanded the font and character sets, introducing a unicase feature, and significantly enhancing language support. Case now embraces Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese scripts in addition to Latin African languages. Whether it's a grand branding project or a modest design task, Case delivers a knockout performance, offering a familiar and reassuring neutrality while standing out from its competitors.

According to Ivo Gabrowitsch, the Founder of Fontwerk, "With its striking emphasis on horizontals, outstanding legibility, genuine italics, and support for 490 languages, Case presents a modern alternative to the classics. It confidently meets the ever-growing demands of complex branding projects. Working closely with Ralph, Anja, and Erik, we are thrilled to have developed a typeface that combines no-nonsense aesthetics with nuanced character, injecting freshness into the world's most popular font genre."

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