Portfolio Spotlight — brianlovin.com

I wanted to shift our inspiration and share about the work of kickass designers who are always re-inventing themselves. Let's take the portfolio for example. As designers, we all somehow wanted to keep our portfolio up-to-date and know how busy we are with work, life and etc. We also follow some kind of formula on how to present our work if you think about a typical UX case study. How about if your portfolio was built like a 'web app' with global navigation, left menu, and integrating user accounts for comments.

Well, that's what I wanted to share as a 'Portfolio Spotlight' with the work of Brian Lovin who is a designer based in San Francisco, CA. I simply love how his site is simple in terms of visual language and what strikes me the most is how the architecture is built to be accessible, useful, ultimately inspiring to interact with Brian through the AMA section. Make sure to check it out brianlovin.com.

Portfolio Spotlight

Brian Lovin is a multi-tasker as a designer, podcaster, writer, and building native mobile apps at GitHub, you can check out this portfolio at brianlovin.com

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