Sustainable Studio Otelier reimagines the standing desk, and furniture retail

Otelier—a San Francisco-based studio launching its debut collection of height adjustable tables for the home—reimagines the standing desk from a design perspective in the age of COVID and beyond. The collection consists of a desk and a dining table, both height-adjustable. Otelier started with a height-adjustable dining table for people working in their kitchens or dining rooms, the first of its kind. Soon, friends and family asked for a desk, which was added to the collection.

“When COVID hit and everyone, including myself, shifted to working from home, we saw an urgent need to design a better work table, one that’s ergonomic but also appropriate for the home,” says founder Yvonne Hung.


Unlike the standard standing desks that once filled tech offices and every furniture retailer seems to sell these days, Otelier’s tables are more akin to modern home furniture than contract desks.

“People don’t want to bring their office into their homes,” Hung explains. “They want a quiet space at home where they can work comfortably. Starting from that perspective leads to a very different designed product—one with flexible functionality as well as aesthetic appeal.”

Hidden electronics, smooth wood surfaces, rounded edges, clean lines, and four legs instead of two visibly differentiate these tables from other standing desks. Otelier partnered with a local Bay Area manufacturer to craft the tabletops in FSC wood and Greenguard certified finishes, adding details such as drawers and built in cable management missing in most standing desks.

Sustainable Retail

In addition to differentiated products and sustainable materials, Otelier is also planning to operate a circular retail business model where customers can resell used items or parts on their site.

Limited Batch Production Starting March 16

Otelier’s table collection will be launching its first limited batch in March 2021, available on their website at Early supporters who sign up for their email list will get $200 off pre-orders. “People don’t want to bring their office into their homes”

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