Dawn brings Refractive Surfaces in 3D Compositions

Daniel Lepik shared some incredible graphic design 3D compositions he explored mixing light and gaussian blur effects. He mentioned that the work was Inspired by early summer mornings… Dawn explores smooth gradients through refractive surfaces and light. “Looking at the series in total silence makes you hear the soft sounds of sea and sand particles.” - adds Daniel. Everything about these pieces are intriguing and inspiring. The tools used for such beautiful renderings was Maxon Cinema 4D with Octane render.

Kiss my Kicks with 3D Typography and Lettering

Ben Fearnley shared one of those projects that I immediately have to post about it on Abduzeedo. That’s because it’s a mix of 3D Typography and lettering. For this one Ben created this beautiful composition out of shoe laces. With the say “Kiss my Kicks” the lettering alone is top notch, then you add an impeccable 3D rendering and the result is really inspiring. 

Beautiful Braun-like Style 3D Typography

There are some projects that are simply hard to describe how awesome they are. The Classic. Typefaces by Particle (Gao Yang) is one of those memorable 3D and typography posts. It is simply an alphabet but it's created by using classic examples of industrial design, quite a few from Braun. The result is quite awesome, from calculator to toothbrush you will find all sorts of familiar objects there. I love the simplicity and how clean it feels. Check out after the break.

Various 3D Experiments with Renaud Futterer

Renaud Futterer is a visual artist, independent designer & creative director currently based in London, UK. He shared on his Behance, a series of various 3D experiments using Cinema 4D. As someone who is beginning in the same field, it's inspiring and encouraging following his experiments. You can tell he has worked several concepts in mind and by using different ideas which is a great mindset.

Awesome Digital Art and 3D work by Pete Norris

After gaining a BA in Automotive design from Coventry University Pete Norris went on producing work for clients including Free Radical Design, Nissan, AKQA, Fiat, Shell, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft and the Creative Assembly. In the spare time he creates vehicles, characters, Graffiti, fine art, product design and various other amazing things. For this post we want to highlight some of his incredible automotive design projects alongside with other 3D work. Check it out.

Sci-Fi Robot Character Design for Netflix's I am Mother

Joel Savage 3D modeler and texture artist based in London, UK. We are sharing his work for Netflix's I am Mother, a science fiction thriller film directed by Grant Sputore. Let's take a look at this robot that took more than 6 months to build and it's not CG'ed since someone can be placed inside the suit. The designs shown here are the 3D model of the physical costume they have later built for the movie.

Digital Art & Illustration: NEOMANCER by Kirill Maksimchuk

Let's share the vibrant 3D work of digital artist Kirill Maksimchuk. Based in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation, we are taking a look at his latest piece entitled: NEOMANCER. It's a cool concept and experimentation about an overdose of exposure from a character's emotions which is a female in this case. You can quite definitely the different approaches that Kirill took. It's impressive work! You should definitely check out his Behance for more of his 3D projects.

Twisting our everyday realities by Philip Lück

3D artist Philip Lück shared a very creative project on his Behance, re-imagining our daily lives with a twisted flair. Using Maxon Cinema 4D, Philip does an incredible job at merging our realities into abstract and playful masterpieces. Some of them aren't too obvious at first glance but this is what it is about too. You gotta take the time to think about your reality and how the artist pushed it into a new reality.

Eerie Illustration and 3D work by Carlos Neda

Carlos Neda shared a beautiful post on his Behance profile featuring some super cool illustratins. They were created in Autodesk Maya, Luxology Modo, Pixologic Zbrush and Marvelous Designer. All of them have this super eerie feel with colorful light effects. The project is shared Nothing Matters and as the name suggest, it does look like nothing matters for me after seeing that and realizing that I lack at a lot of skills :)

FabricHeart Campaign, living the heartbeats - Animation & Cinema 4D

G R A Z A ™ has shared a cool animation & 3D project via his Behance. Titled: FabricHeart / El corazón de todos, it's a full campaign he worked for Cerveza Cristal in goals to create an animated motion video where the concept where 'FabricHeart' is the result of a collection of heartbeats coming from fans from the Peruvian Soccer team. Coming together into a unique Soccer T-shirt, the result is quite amazing.

Traversing Patterns & Textures with Danny Ivan - Digital Art

Danny Ivan is "3D Image Maker" (Nice title!) currently based in Porto, Portugal. He is pretty amazing at producing vibrant, abstract and unique illustrations with Maxon Cinema 4D. It's pure magic, it's always inspiring to see his work. It's definitely something that pushes us all to create and explore different mediums (3D for me!). For this collection, I would suggest you view the entire collection on his Behance.

Modish 3D Typography by BÜRO UFHO - 36 Days of Type'19

I think we feature each year the work of BÜRO UFHO for 36 Days of Type. They are a duo of brand specialists located in the beautiful city of Singapore. Each year, they would inspire us with a beautiful set of type that we couldn't resist featuring on ABDZ. This year, they are going ahead with a lighter set of colours but definitely keeping within trendier tones that we have seen getting popularity.

3D & CGI Illustrations: Human Color Sets by G R A Z A ™

It looks like we have never featured the work of G R A Z A ™ before on ABDZ. Well, his "Human Color Sets" will be the perfect first opportunity which is a set of 3D & CGI Illustrations. First of all, you just gotta love the "set" aspect of this series where you can only imagine one perspective with yet so much details from the fog, neons and even the reflection effect from the water on the sidewalk. G R A Z A ™ is a Digital Art Studio based in Lima - Perú.

Awesome Sci-Fi 3D Scenario by Marcos Torres

If you are a long time reader of the blog you might recognize the name of this designer, Marcos Torres, a very active contributor in the past, shared an incredible 3D project on his Behance profile. I was quite surprise to see that the work was from him because I knew him as a great illustrator, but his style was more on the vector side in addition to graffitti. It was definitely awesome to see his 3D work, especially with all those light effects and classic mood from sci-fi movies.

Sci-Fi 3D Illustration and Artworks by Wei Weihua

Space: The final frontier. The place that inspires infinite dreams and visions for artists to come up with stunning artworks. Wei Weihua, a Chinese designer, comes up with fantastic 3d sci-fi artworks and illustration, in a series called "Planet Green Valley". Here you can see a handful of this fantastic pieces. These are truly awesome and remind me a lot of the Gravity movie. For more of these, please visit his portfolio at ArtStation. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Digital Art & Set Design: Unsmart Devices

Let's take a look at this cool series of digital art and set designs named: Unsmart Devices. Designed by the mighty folks from FOREAL Studio, it's a great study of creative explorations of what could be our everyday things if they were "unsmart". Having our share of several viral fail videos, let's just say that some of the concepts in this series revealed another aspect of us humans experimenting with objects that aren't necessarily right for its purpose. I let you be the judge!

Bold & Colourful Illustrations by Design Lad

We have received the amazing work by Design Lad not to confused with Design Lead! He is a London-based designer and illustrator that focuses his work in bold, playful and colourful 3D illustrations. I am surprised that we have never featured his work before on ABDZ. Represented by our friends from Jelly London, make sure to follow his work on Instagram

The 3D Works of Zigor Samaniego

Way before digging my work into UX/UI, I was (and still) a big fan of Typography mixed with 3D. By the different techniques and how you can express yourself through words/quotes and choose how you wanna express it. Today, I look up to those who still work into these fields and asking myself when I'll do some typography and getting my hands into 3D. Time will tell. For now, let's look at the stunning work of Zigor Samaniego.

Adobe Stock + Dimension CC x Rijksmuseum: The Beauty of Art in 3D

Ah the beautiful city of Amsterdam, I had the chance for a quick visit back in late March. Following this visit, I am having a smile thinking of today's announcement with Adobe Stock + Adobe Dimension CC and the Rijksmuseum. The National Museum dedicated to arts and history based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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