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Spotify Pride Month - Global Campaign

Pedro Veneziano shared his collaboration in 3D & Motion of the massive global campaign for Spotify Pride. Paying homage to the LGBTQ+ movement, its Pride rainbow flag. It's filled with colours and it has been shared through a series of dimensional visuals, static and motion assets in playlist covers, street posters, billboards and more. I would love to share a quote from Pedro on the project: "The result was a memorable identity that carries the very essence of the LGBTQ+ movement: bold, loud and proud." Hope you will enjoy this one!

Etenswaardigheden: a film series with pure creativity for Albert Heijn's

Albert Heijn is Holland's biggest supermarket chain and the rad folks from Studio Mals shared 9 very playful videos that unfortunately we can't share but you should definitely check the full project on their Behance. The videos are basically a creative take on simple questions we might have about food. Simple and it's delightful!

Ogilvy & Mather's creative and genius Lego campaigns

Asawin Tejasakulsin is a Creative Group Head at Ogilvy & Mather and we are sharing a couple of the Lego campaigns he shared on Behance. Among the campaigns, there are projects titled: 'For every imagination', 'Imagine' and 'Build the future'. I took the liberty to put them together in this article because they are purely creative, inspiring and genius!

Tendril, a Canadian creative studio shared their stunning campaigns for VIZIO

Our good pals from Tendril is a design-driven animation, VFX and digital innovation studio based in Toronto, Canada. We have featured their work before on ABDZ and it's always a nice surprise when they are sharing new work with us. Their latest awesomeness they shared is Tendril's production partners collaboration with Psyop & PARTNER, an agency behind the marketing efforts for VIZIO.

#Pride Nike BETRUE Campaign: Celebrating Unity and Equality

For #PrideMonth, Rosie Lee shared the campaign they worked for Nike BETRUE. The message was clear, conceive a campaign that was both iconic, celebratory and visually halting. They needed to stand out and guarantee the BETRUE message was heard, loud and clear. And they did, Rosie Lee is a creative agency based in beautiful London, United Kingdom. Make sure to give it a look and follow their work on Behance.

SickKids VS: For all the moms who ask for nothing.

It's Sunday and it's a beautiful day! Some of us are prepping ourselves to take our mothers to brunch or a family picnic at the park for Mother's Day. Some mothers aren't having the luxury of this simple reality, the video starts with: "Nothing, nothing. I don’t want anything,". It's a bold message of their hard daily realities but at the same time, they have to keep things going for the better.

SickKids VS: DadStrong Campaign

With today's celebration of Father's Day, a least known celebration compared to Mother's Day but still has its rewards. We have took a look at a similar campaign for Mother's Day on ABDZ but let's meet Frank. The latest spot from SickKids by Cossette. We follow Frank on his day from a workday to finish it off with a "Night Shift" where the inspiration comes from that parenting is a 24/7 job at the best times.

SickKids VS: MomStrong Campaign

With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, among the festivities for the occasion. Some others doesn't have the same luxury that a few of us take for granted. We have featured a SickKids campaign before and now they are back with a video that shares inner strength from mothers of SickKids. I am grateful enough for not experiencing the pain they must face every single day. To me, they are the best and they do reserve recognition.

Ad Campaign: In Harmony with Nature

In Harmony with Nature is an Ad Campaign done by BBDO New York for General Electrics to communicate their focus on developing sustainable solutions to operate in harmony with nature. Check out the awesome imagery.

Inside the work of Lightshock

Joao Ferraz aka Lightshock is a Brazilian designer, illustrator, and art director specialized in 3D and publicity campaigns. In this post he will talk a bit about each of his works and give you some insights on how things got done. His work is absolutely amazing and precise so take a look and enjoy! For more from Joao visit

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