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The Amazing Polestar Precept Concept Car

Electric cars are the future, at least that’s what it looks like from all the amazing electric car companies and models being announced. I am a fan and the desire of having a Tesla keeps coming and going. Now Polestar announces this amazing concept car, the Polestar Precept and boy it’s a thing of beauty. Tiago Aiello shared some images on his Behance profile and I was blown away. Maybe I will hold on a bit longer to see how many more car makers announce, there’s the new Hummer coming as well.

Fins: Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit

Here I am talking book recommendations after a long hiatus, not that I haven’t read any but simply none I felt worth sharing my thoughts here on Abduzeedo. A couple of weeks ago a co-worker recommended a book about the car industry in the US, pretty much the beginning of it, the book title is Fins: Harley Earl, the Rise of General Motors, and the Glory Days of Detroit by William Knoedelseder. At first, I was a bit skeptical but after a few minutes, I got totally hooked and I’ll be happy to tell you why. 

Automotive Design: Tesla Pickup Concept

I have found this automotive design concept of what could look like the next Tesla pickup? The beloved Elon Musk did mention that there will be a Tesla Pickup Truck coming in their lineup and as I quote: "a really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner design". How cool is that? One car designer decided to give it his own take on this concept, let's take a look at the work from Emre Husmen who is a car designer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

POLESTAR_0 Concept - Automotive Design

We are sharing the automotive design concept by Rashid Tagirov of the Polestar O. Which is a car design based on Volvo Cars Polestar model, an electric performance car developed in Gothenburg, Sweden. I just love seeing the early sketches all the way to the final design concept, I mean look at the matte black design. It's so beautiful, it's rightly pulled from the Cyberpunk2077 game.

Car Designs by Andrey Tkachenko - Industrial Design

Just to continue with our streak with Industrial Designs, we would like to feature the work from Andrey Tkachenko who is a freelance artist based in Nizhiy Novgorod, Russia. Mainly focusing his work into a blend of Industrial Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, we are primary showcasing his car concepts and designs that are phenomenal in so many ways. I wish there was more information about Andrey on his process and even where does his inspiration comes from.

Car Design: City Rover

With all the technology and novelty that we see/witness nowadays. It's hard not to imagine that in the near future (already here) we'll cars with auto-pilot, driverless cars where you can simply just let the car go and enjoy your ride from A to B. One of the primary novelty we had was the  Electric Car. We would like to showcase a car design called the City Rover that was awarded Michelin 2016 Design Challenge; MOBILITY FOR ALL.

Concept Car Design

Last week we saw Elon Musk unveil the new Tesla Model 3 and an incredible number of pre-orders. I followed the event via Twitter and other social media tools and I was amazed by the reactions. It reminded me of the Steve Jobs' Apple Events. Also the fact that people pay a thousand dollars for a reservation for a car that won't be available till 2018 is a testament that people love electric cars, especially well designed ones. Because of that in this post I will share some awesome car design concepts by Alexander Imnadze.

BMW Vision NEXT 100

It's been a long time since the last post about industrial design, which by the way, is my background. I sucked at industrial design, but I learned a lot about materials, budgeting and prototyping. I love seeing projects about the topic, especially car design. The BMW Vision NEXT 100 is one of this projects that makes wonder about the cars we will see in the future. It's a concept but gives a glimpse of what's coming and that's why it deserves a feature here on ABDZ

Hold your breath with these hand drawing artwork of Claeys Jelle

The art of Claeys Jelle is that kind of hand drawing you think is not made without a Photoshop or something on a computer. He is a specialist in design cars, with a unique style he uses pencils, special pens, paper and other tools you can find out on the pictures. Hand drawing is something that always take my attention, maybe because I did architecture but the real thing is that there are a lot of technologies to make awesome artworks and when I find people doing this kind of art right on paper I really think it deserve my mention here on Abduzeedo.

Conceptual Car Designs by Khyzyl Saleem

Khyzyl Saleem is an illustrator and concept artist based in Manchester, UK. Conceptualism is an art of combining concepts obviously, but also make a transition from your ideas to your installations which in this case? Cars.

Car Design: Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo

The design team of Aston Martin was involved with the Creator of Gran Turismo (popular driving stimulator franchise) to develop a breathtaking addition to its upcoming Gran Turismo®6 (GT6™). Using the same techniques in the development of a real Aston Martin, the team had to revolutionize the aerodynamics as a way of enhancing and support the car’s functionality in-game.

SOL.E - Personal Transportation

It's been quite a long time since our last post about industrial design, especially car design. To change that today we feature the SOL.E - Personal Transportation, a project created by Adam Carvalho, a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Humber College, passionate about design and always up to try something new, and have as much fun as possible. Currently, automobiles account for almost a third of our carbon emissions in products and utilities used today.

BMW Osmotic Drive

We all know the importance of sketching during any design process, however depending on the field we work we tend to skip the sketching part and go straight to more detailed mocks. That's one of the reasons I love to see car design projects. The sketching and ideation during this part of the process is never forgotten. A great example is the project that Mark Cansick titled BMW Osmotic Drive - Final Year Project Flatwork. An amphibious luxury vehicle for 2023.

Car UX Inspiration

Designing interfaces is all about how to create the easiest way for the user to control machines. Most of the time we think about software, but if we think about it one of the most common interface we deal almost daily is from cars. It's been like that for decades and it's amazing to see the similarities and also the differences between car brands and styles. is a website that features dashboard of cars and it's a great source of inspiration. For more information visit

Slick Car Concepts by 600v

Any car lover simply goes crazy when seeing a super slick car concept. To imagine the thrill of driving such a cool concept is just awesome. So I thought it would be cool to share the work of Russian artist 600v (ixlrlxi). 600v comes up with some super amazing designs. From smooth lines to razor sharp killer machines. These are way too good! But being only a handful, you may visit his portfolio at DeviantART for a ton more concepts! I hope you enjoy these as much as I did... also, tell us which one you like the most!

Transformation Car Design Project

Olivier Gamiette is a self-taught designer from Paris, France. With the main interest of bringing new exciting ideas to life Olivier today works for Peugeot as Senior Designer in Paris. In this project he showed us how he rendered children's sketches into incredible car designs.

Chevy Equinox - Case Study

Automotive Design is probably one of the most fascinating areas of design in my opinion. It exemplifies how style, branding, technology and constraints play together while creating a product. Kirill Ponomarenko illustrates this in a project completed during his GM Exterior Design internship in the Summer 2012 focused on the Chevy Equinox. Kirill Ponomarenko is a industrial designer with BS Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech (2008), he has worked at the General Motors Aerodynamics group for over four years.

Car Design: Ford New Releases at Buenos Aires

I've had de honor to represent Abduzeedo in a trip sponsored by Ford to Buenos Aires, to visit the city and the 6th International Motor Show, an event that happens from 20th to 30th of July in the Argentinian capital. The event is really amazing. I've had the opportunity to closely see some cars that are the consumer dream of any automobile lover, and I also got to know Ford's new releases at the fair, cars that got innovative design and technology.

Captain America & Tron Concept Designs by Daniel Simon

Sci-fi movies are one of my favorite genres because they explore the unknown trying to envision the future. Thinking about the future is not an easy task. There are so many things that we just take for granted and therefore it is hard to imagine how they will look and behave. Daniel Simon is a master of this reality and has created vehicles for movies like Tron Legacy, Captain America, Obvlivion and many more. In this post we will share with you some of these projects, showing artworks and sketches.


One of the first posters my brother and I had was of the iconic Ferrari F40. I used to obsess over the car, drawing in school on the last pages of my notebook. Since then Ferrari has launched the F50, the Enzo Ferrari and this week they reveal the successor of the legend named LaFerrari. Obviously we are not talking about a car, but a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Of course we had to post about LaFerrari. We are sharing some images and videos from the official site and we highly recommend that you check it out.

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