The Amazing Polestar Precept Concept Car

Electric cars are the future, at least that’s what it looks like from all the amazing electric car companies and models being announced. I am a fan and the desire of having a Tesla keeps coming and going. Now Polestar announces this amazing concept car, the Polestar Precept and boy it’s a thing of beauty. Tiago Aiello shared some images on his Behance profile and I was blown away. Maybe I will hold on a bit longer to see how many more car makers announce, there’s the new Hummer coming as well. As I said, it looks like the future is going to be electric.

Precet: a rule intended to inform behaviour or thought. In other words, a way of declaring how you mean to proceed. Starting as you mean to go on. Stating your intentions up top. A manifesto. It’s also the name for something that takes all of our ambitions and combines them.

Concept Car

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