Automotive Design: Tesla Pickup Concept

I have found this automotive design concept of what could look like the next Tesla pickup? The beloved Elon Musk did mention that there will be a Tesla Pickup Truck coming in their lineup and as I quote: "a really futuristic-like cyberpunk Blade Runner design". How cool is that? One car designer decided to give it his own take on this concept, let's take a look at the work from Emre Husmen who is a car designer based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Shanghai Auto Show in Pictures - #ABDZinShanghai

Still getting back into the regular schedule here in Canada and still fighting that jetlag from traveling back from China. This is an honor for me to share this first of many upcoming articles about my experience at the Shanghai Auto Show this year. It has been an incredible journey for us on ABDZ and would love to share some pictures I took at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The new LYNK & CO 02 Crossover SUV: Changing mobility forever

Currently in the beautiful city of Amsterdam to cover the launch of the next step for LYNK & CO, we have witnessed their experience back to Berlin. Now we are here in a city where everything is about their artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with never-ending #straightfacades. I really like it here, you won't be surprised seeing people taking selfies and sharing a kiss. This is how Amsterdam has its own beauty.

LYNK & CO's upcoming 02 Global Reveal - Abduzeedo in Amsterdam

We have just received a teaser of the upcoming LYNK & CO Model 02, we will be covering the global reveal in Amsterdam. You will be able to follow the coverage with ABDZ on Instagram. For those you have never heard of LYNK & CO, it's an automaker under the company called Geely who also includes companies like: Volvo and Lotus. You can check out our previous LYNK & CO articles live on ABDZ

The new Volvo V60: the Unveiling Experience purely in Swedish Family Lifestyle

Currently in Sweden, I had the honour to assist earlier today to the World Premiere of the new Volvo V60, right in the heart of Suburbia of Stockholm. I was part with many others in participation of a non-traditional way to unveil a new car. If you think about the traditional way of a conference hall or a motor show. It wasn't the case at all. We had a really warm welcome in a beautiful house where you were able to walk around and see first hands the diverse needs and realities of modern family life.

The New Volvo V60 Reveal - Abduzeedo in Sweden

Exciting to share that Abduzeedo will be heading to Sweden, Stockholm to be more precise. We will be covering the launch of the new Volvo model 2019 V60 wagon. With the slogan: "Designed for Generations" from their teaser, you can imagine how Volvo will reinvent themselves in term of tech and if they will be offering an electric model too. But first, let's celebrate the arrival of the new V60 on February 21st.

LYNK & CO: now available on the Market in Record Time!

About a year ago, we went to the international car launch of LYNK & CO in Berlin, Germany. They are now releasing their first car in China, the Model 01 (shown in the gallery). Designed and engineered in Sweden, the Model 01 went to pre-sale on November 17th. 6000 cars were sold in less than three minutes, this is the fastest selling SUV in the World. Bringing their brand with connectivity with a sharing function and the world’s first in-car share button, to wireless charging and a dedicated LYNK & CO apps store.

LYNK & CO: Introducing 03 Concept

Back in October, we covered the LYNK & CO launch in Berlin for the reveal of their Model 01; that will hit the market later this year, starting in China followed by Europe and USA in 2019. Today at the Shanghai International Auto Show, they are taking it one step closer to launch by unveiling the all-new 03 concept. A bold, mid-size and sporty sedan with a classic look that will feature free connectivity and lifetime product warranty for all the other cars including this concept.

3D Exotic Cars - CGI Renders

It’s always impressive that somehow you’ll look at a photograph and you’re not even sure if it’s real or not. I am especially talking about car photographs, we understand that is a tremendous amount of work to just finding the location, getting the equipment, getting the special car and crew to just organize everything together. What if there’s another route?

Beautiful Motion Design for Auto UI

Gleb Kuznetsov shared some quite beautiful motion design projects for Automotive UI. on his Dribbble page. They seem to be for the new Fantasy Auto Lab project done by the amazing people over at Fantasy, a Human-centered UI & UX studio based in New York and Silicon Valley. One of the reasons I thought it would be cool to share this projects is because it has a Tron look, quite different from what we have been seeing since flat design, if that is even a style, became popular. There's much more to love than just the style.

LYNK & CO - Introducing Model 01

As you may have seen from our social channels, we have been covering the launch of the new car company called: LYNK & CO (via our Instagram) in Berlin, Germany. It has been an exciting ride as that is our first international unveiling for Abduzeedo. As expected, we are now releasing the first official images for what it would be called the LYNK & CO Model 01.

LYNK & CO Launch - Abduzeedo in Berlin

On Abduzeedo, we love getting requests from you guys especially knowingly that is coming from all over the globe. That is genuinely a feeling of satisfaction to discover talented people out there and on occasions we are being invited to special events too. We have some exciting news to share with you guys, we have been invited to the launch of a new car brand in Berlin, Germany.

Car Photography with Marc Trautmann

They are beautiful, expensive, symbol of luxury; aren't they really? I am talking about magnificence automotive cars, only a certain amount of people will ever be able to afford one of those. Actually, if we think just a little deeper, what's so definitive about these "exotic cars", I mean we can take any cars and strap the logo and make it our own right? Actually no, there's a reason why these cars are so pricey. I would say the quality and durability of shorts is the reasons why you would want to get a luxury car.

Conceptual Car Designs by Khyzyl Saleem

Khyzyl Saleem is an illustrator and concept artist based in Manchester, UK. Conceptualism is an art of combining concepts obviously, but also make a transition from your ideas to your installations which in this case? Cars.

The Greatest Rides by Ido Yehimovitz

Ido Yehimovitz is an illustrator from Tel Aviv, Israel and he created an awesome collection of vehicles from movies and TV shows that he used to like in his childhood to present day. He will keep adding more cars but the set that he put together already is quite impressive and I have to say, I love the style of these illustrations. For more information about Ido visit

Transformation Car Design Project

Olivier Gamiette is a self-taught designer from Paris, France. With the main interest of bringing new exciting ideas to life Olivier today works for Peugeot as Senior Designer in Paris. In this project he showed us how he rendered children's sketches into incredible car designs.

Retro F1 Liveries into Current Cars

Escape Artist took the good old Formula 1 liveries and implemented them on the new cars that were being used this 2013 season. The result is a mix of retro x new. As we all can agree the retro liveries had so much character and bring such good memories. Enjoy! For more visit Escape Artist.

Car Illustrations from Famous Movies

If you are fan of nice cars and good movies, chances are you have seen these cars on the movies before. But now they are completely illustrated by Spanish graphic designer Jesús Prudencio. Enjoy! For more from Jesús Prudencio visit

Beautiful 3D Cars by Jan Mokrzecki

When I was a kid I used to love to draw cars, from the iconic VW Beetle to Formula 1. I had so much fun, especially in school, where apparently, was the most inspiring and creative moment for me to zone out of the day's lesson and sketch.

Melting Cars in CGI

Have you ever seen a car melt down like an ice cream? Well, here is your chance, this CGI work is totally amazing and the melting cars look so real. Enjoy!The melting parts of the cars were created by us in 3D, the cars were shot in a studio and everything was put together in post. CGI and postproduction done by Souverein Weesp, shot by Maarten de Groot

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