Artist Raku Inoue recreates the Adobe CC logo with beautiful flowers

Our good friend Raku Inoue just released his latest stunning project, a collaboration with his series Natura Insects with Adobe Creative Cloud. Basically, as you can see by the cover, it is a reinterpretation of the Adobe CC logo made of real flowers displayed over a styrofoam board base. The level of creativity is always taken to a higher scale with Raku and it's not the first we have seen of his craft on ABDZ.

Natura Insects Series6: Crafting insects made by flowers

Raku Inoue is an artist with many many talents, the last time we have featured him on ABDZ. His Instagram has been blowing up ever since with many articles about his art from other awesome popular sites. We are really happy for him and even still, Raku still comes up with impressive pieces of art like from the Safari Triforce series.

Kogin embroidered Insect Brooches

Let's take a look at this unique project by Hiné Mizushima who is (in his own words) Slow Crafter, Needle-felter and Illustrator based in Vancouver, BC in Canada. We are looking at his Kogin embroidered insect brooches he worked on for a group exhibition happening right now in Osaka, Japan. What is Kogin? It's a traditional quilting method of Aomori's Tsugaru region, where its characteristic is the beauty of its design. As you can see in the following, it's an art and we can definitely appreciate its creativity.

1000 Days of Origami Paper Cranes by Cristian Marianciuc

Already one week after starting the new year, did you start hustling on your resolutions yet? Just to spark a little bit more inspiration, we are sharing the work of Cristian Marianciuc. He is an origami enthusiast where for nearly 3 years has been making an origami crane daily. It started as a 365 days project but he just didn't stop after a year! You should definitely check out his Instagram for more of his work!

Re-creation of Miniature Photography Studios from the 1900s

I wanted to start the week with an artist that is part of what I think a master at his craft, a gigantic boost of inspiration that can affect us in many ways. So here goes, the work from a Turkey-based artist named Ali Alamedy. He is a miniaturist and as you can see by the pictures; his work is down-right meticulous. I mean just look at the attention of the details, everything. This series is a Re-creation of Miniature Photography Studios from the 1900s, please enjoy this breathtaking tribute!

Improbable Felt Beasts by Becky Margraf

There are creative niches we don't get to see too much here at Abduzeedo. There are many great artists that craft awesome pieces using felt, and Becky Margraf is one of them. I'm a big sucker for design projects and she came up with "100 Days of Felt", in which she design felt beasts. There are pretty sweet, going from food beasts to pop culture related ones. For the complete project, please visit her personal website! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Hungry Hungry Hamsters Handmade Miniature Town

Let me present to you the lovely online series "The Hungry Hungry Hamsters", which takes place in a miniature town, with handmade miniature things in it! The Series is about a lovely family obsessed with delicious food, starred by real hamsters!

Criatipos Jingle Bells

Criatipos' girls did some serious juggling to fill this space of 90 square feet! The project was a temporary store of good deeds by a local mall. Here are the process and the outcome of that challenge, take a look!

Industrial Design Inspiration: AJORÍ

The goal of a industrial design is to create better products in terms of function and form. The creative process is focused on coming up with the best solution in a holistically way, being rational from the materials and production process to the package and usage. AJORÍ is a great example of the mix of industrial design and arts and crafts, a trend that has been growing a lot. For this post we would love to share with you the Ajorí project. It's a great example of the creative process behind products.

Paper Craft Design by Noelia Lozano

It's always inspiring and motivating to see people following their dreams and doing what they love. Noelia Lozano is an example. She studied journalism where she learned the basics of communication, then she worked with telecommunication and got a degree in telecommunications and computer systems. However her true passion was graphic design, especially tactile and tangible design, as she says: "the most plastique way of graphic design." ...the truth.... it was a job that I liked but I did not enjoyed at all...

55 Crafty Scrapbook Pages

Today I wanted to shift to the other side of the design spectrum for a change and show you something a little different: arts & crafts, or more specifically, scrapbooking. There's so much room for creativity in scrapbooks because it's simply for you. You don't have to worry about the needs of the client or audience, you're completely free to experiment to your hearts content. It's an opportunity to let your personality shine through and, not to mention, an excellent way to remember the good times in your life.

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