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Dawn よあけ — Cyberpunk NFT Photography

Francois here from abdz. I am excited to share that I just listed my first NFT on Foundation. It's the first of a 3-part series of 'animated photographs', introducing 'Dawn よあけ'. In all transparency, I am still discovering the world surrounding NFTs, I think we all do. I just excited to share more about my photography inspired by the Off-world of Cyberpunk.

Awe-breathtaking aerial scenes of the coronavirus lockdown

Our good pal Tom Hegen has shared with us this incredible and awe-breathtaking aerial scenes from he simply titled: The Lockdown Series. For those who is not familiar with Tom, he is a super talented photographer based in Munich, Germany. He takes pride and has a clear passion for us to view the world from his perspective and also through the lens of his camera. I am always stunned by the beauty and the technique used to capture such unknown sights of the globe.

Portfolio Spotlight: Clement Merouani

We would like to kick it off with a 'folio spotlight' by Clement Merouani, a digital art director based in Paris, France. Clement recently released his photography work from the past year and it's quite astonishing. We took the liberty to share a 'showreel' and a full sneak peek for your viewing. Although I would definitely suggest you check out his live site and experience it for yourself.

BMW E24 635 CSi Widebody - Automotive Design

It's not common that we have shared with time how much we became such fans of 'automotive design' on ABDZ, there is a mixture of a lot of things including design, industrial design, automotive design, and more. To kick off the week, we would like to share the work of Dmitry Mazurkevich who has created 'widebody kit' for the BMW E24 635 CSi. From the details, lighting, perspective, you will be enjoying its vibes and tones resembling the cars you would see on the Fast and Furious movies.

Floating World, a Photoshop project on the impacts of climate change

Climate Change. A concerning subject that has been making buzz for the right reasons, we have come to the point where we can't just ignore anymore. Did you get the news to what happened to Venise for example (Link by voanewscom). The future of our planet is in great danger. To help spread the message, I decided to share the work from Nick Pederson.

Alone in the Night Photography Series

I would like to share the work from Axel Corjon, a creative director by day and a wanderer by night. You must recognize some of his design projects like or We are featuring his Alone in the Night Photography Series where it's a series of photos taken at night. I do agree with Axel that there is indeed something special about exploring places at night.

Exploring Istanbul at Night - Mirror World

Elsa Bleda is a photographer and visual artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has been taking photographs of Istanbul, Johannesburg and more; she has a distinct style that would immediately make you remind of Blade Runner. When you think of this movie, you would think about scenes from cities from Tokyo, Hong Kong and etc. But it's much more than that when you think of it, the same inspiration can also be taken from any cities around the world.

BANGKOK PHOSPHORS: A photo book through the old and new streets of nocturnal Bangkok

Our good friend Cody Ellingham has shared with us his latest project titled: BANGKOK PHOSPHORS, it's basically a photobook of his journey through the old and new streets of nocturnal Bangkok. You can support his project that is now fully funded on Kickstarter. Big congrats to Cody! We took the liberty to share its entire project here, get ready to feast your eyes on pure capture of the streets of Bangkok.

Digital Photography: "Photoshopping" Myself hanging out with myself Series

We all had the thought about seeing ourselves now in present traveling into the past, hanging out with our younger self like as a kid for example. Imagine yourself telling everything your younger self about the future, that would be cool. What would you even say? Let's look at this digital photography series called: Myself hanging out with myself Series by Montreal-based photographer Conor Nickerson. It must have been a lot of fun going back in the memories, hope you will enjoy this one!

Beautiful Italy Black and White Photography

There are some awesome scenes in Italy in the latest season of 'Master of None'. Here in Brazil, there are tons of Italian immigrants and we get to see a lot of their culture, so Italy has always been a country Brazilians really enjoy. Most definitely it is one of those countries I will definitely visit when I get the chance. I'll probably visit vineyards, eat pasta and ride a scooter. Yeah, yeah, all the clichê stuff, but that's awesome nonetheless. Check out some awesome black and white pictures of beautiful Italia!

The Work of Michał Karcz

We’ve featured the work of Michał Karcz before on Abduzeedo, it’s been quite a long time ago. Looking now at his work, it’s nothing but the same impressive level of detailed art mixed with an imaginative and fantasy world. I always take the time to really look at every single details to corners from his pieces and trying to wonder what’s the story behind it.

Alter Ego Portraits

Created by the Russian digital photographer Ada Lena, these portraits are amazing. The emotions they carry are very strong, and combined with a perfect final touch and coloration makes each portrait is a piece a of art. Check them out!

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