Microsoft 365 - The New Way 3D Illustration Series

Mathieu L.B and Matthieu Braccini have shared their collaboration project with Microsoft Design on the Office 365 Suite. They had the amazing task to produce a series of 3D illustrations and the results are mesmerizing. Kudos to Mathieu, Matthieu to take the time to share the process, BTS, and seeing the motion design both mixed in a delightful representation.

Architype Alphabet Poster

Johann Lucchini shared a really awesome project mixing architecture, illustration and typography. Titled Architype Alphabet Poster, this project explores a simple concept, combine typography and architecture to create a custom typeface. For each letter of the alphabet, Johann was inspired by a famous architect and one of its buildings.

Snapchat Sticker Collection by Scott Biersack

We have featured before Scott Biersack's work on creating 'sticker collection' for Snapchat on abdz. I think they are creative and bring a variety to the social platform. Scott is back with another collection for Snapchat and this time it's all about Sailor Jerry inspired tattoo designs and 70's psychedelic era. Check them out and if you are able to find them on Snapchat, that would be even more lovely.

Hands, Panels & Sequences Illustration by Toma Vagner

Toma Vagner is an artist and illustrator based in New York City. Born and raised in Russia, she came to NYC by herself at the age of 18, where she attended the School of Visual Arts. Shortly after graduation, she stared working with well-known companies, musicians and brands, including Harry Styles, The New York Times, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, LUSH, Bandcamp, Red Bull and Premier Guitar.

Godzilla King of Monsters Fiery Illustration

Yesterday they have unveiled the insane trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong movie that will be coming out in Spring. According to many, this is an anticipated movie that many have been waiting for years. One person has been pretty excited about this one and it's my oldest kid. To celebrate, I wanted to share this incredible "Godzilla King of Monsters' illustration by Bound to Glory.

A Simple Day Illustration Series

sedryung hong has shared this really cute illustrations titled 'A Simple Day' via his Behance profile. We can all agree that a 'global pandemic' comes with its hardships, especially with our day-to-day. That being said, I think there is also its good sides too, we get to spend more time with our own families or close relatives. Or if you have a partner, let's just say there are its ups and downs too haha.

Toronto Ink Hand-drawn Illustration

Thinking about Canada sometimes, especially remembering how big it was the country and its people obviously. When I stumbled across this hand-drawn illustration of the beautiful city of Toronto by Kathleen Fu, I just couldn't help to remember my home country. Kathleen is an illustrator, architectural/urban designer based in Toronto. I love this drawing and it's super detailed to its core. Her talented piece really showcases the density of the cityscape and I just couldn't imagine how long it took her to finish this drawing.

Mental Health Illustrations by Muhammed Sajid

I am not sure if this is for a project or personal illustration but I thought it would be nice to share on abdz. Titled 'Mental Health', we are taking a look at this illustrations series by Muhammed Sajid, a designer based in Bangalore, India. There isn't a well-fitted moment to speak about 'Mental Health' during a pandemic, I think it has affected all of us during the course of the last year alone. It's important to stay positive but also recognize the hardships whatever it is for your life, career, family, and even losses.

Aesthetic Illustrations made with Figma

Figma is a powerful, collaborative tool for interface design, prototyping, and more. Let's put an emphasis on the 'more' for this feature on abdz. Figma is recognized by the industry as a standard in terms of your stack of tools for the design process. Some talented individuals will push beyond its capabilities of what the things you can accomplish and Martin Bekerman's work is a great example of how far and how high you can push the tool.

Portrait Illustrations by Robinson Cursor

I think I have mentioned this many times already but I love how some individuals are crazy talented at drawing portraits that will come close to an actual photograph. If we are speaking of celebrities, you can practically easily recognize them. Let's take a look at the work of Robinson Cursor, he is an illustrator and typographer based in Budapest, Hungary. I just help to notice Arnold's portrait that looks totally badass. I am sure Robinson got inspired by the Terminator movie on this one, I hope you will enjoy the entire series!

Iconic Movie Cars by Servin Seidaliev

Servin Seudaliev, a 2D designer and a CG artist that specializes in illustrations from Lviv, Ukraine. He made a series of iconic cars from Hollywood movies, they are cartoonish and well made. I just like how the top of the car is kind on the higher size of things which is really eye pleasant to look at. It's stylish! It quite fun to see how the artist looks at things from another perspective, this series is amusing and definitely bring some smile.

An alternative Spider-Man: Северный Паук

I always excited whenever I see new work from Evgeny Zubkov, an illustrator and graphic designer from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. A couple of years back, we have featured his awe-inspiring illustration series of 'CARBONGRAD 1999' and now he is back with 'Северный Паук' which means 'Northern Spider'. In his words, 'a personal experimental project about an alternative "spider-man" in the realities of the Siberian province'. And it looks quite fantastic, well done Evgeny.

Gaming Console Series by Tyler Pate

Old school console is making a slow comeback in our household. Most of us have been staying in confinement during the holidays. Away from the relatives, kids going aloud for the season' greetings and we can understand them. I had to pull off the shelves, one of the SNES Classic Edition to keep those monsters controlled. Tyler Pate is an art director/graphic designer, illustrator, and all-around creative from Florence, SC. He published a series of illustrations of Nintendo past consoles made with the Wacom, they are sublime. Give them a look!

Delicious Ramen Illustrations by Stephan Lorse

Ramen. You may be addicted to it, have tried it, or simply heard of it... come on it's 2021, and pretty sure everyone knows about ramen, the highest and most important meal from Japan but every country has its own interpretation of this delicious noodles bowl. Same in design, everyone has their own take on it whatever it is photography, 3D design, or even typography. What's most satisfying to me is how ramen gets alive through illustrations.

Lockdown Typography by Nishit Shah15

With the new year, the lockdown is still a topic on every mouth, stay home they say, keep distance they ask, and wear your mask they required. But once your home thing we take for granted are things you depend on, seeing your loved ones, giving a hug or kisses. Living in isolation is something we all have to learn to adapt to, making sure we have enough movies, entertainment, to have a better appreciation towards foods, living to the minimum, and take time to another aspect. It is hard but manageable, hope you all hanging in there, we will hug each other again.

Traveling Around Food Series by Andrew Nye

Not so far from the end of 2020. It has been a challenge we have never seen and lived in. A year full of disappointment, social distancing, and the unknown future. Many kids end up doing school remotely, parents and people working from home, frontline workers are continuously saving life and putting their own lives in danger. The elderly population restraints in isolation to reduce the chances of spread, business closures resulted in many families living in poverty.

Switzerland Landscapes llustrations by Pierre-Abraham Rochat

Ever since moving to Switzerland, we didn't wait long to start exploring this marvelous country. we took thousands of pictures and it seems it's never enough. Even tho this country is quite small compared to what we used to live in, but I think the country is so huge in height like you look up and there those mountains, valley, waterfalls, above and below the cloud. Then you look down, there's hills, blue-ish lakes, an endless river flowing between villages and fields.

3D Movie Illustrations series by Roman Klco

Since the pandemic around the world, staying home and working from home is pretty much what we are all doing nowadays. Have you ever wondered how every person managed to live and work around their house? This tiny cubic house trend is everywhere, from 3d to illustrations to photographers, and architecture for small spaces is genuinely pleasant to look at. This artist captures it very nicely in 3D cubic spaces from famous movies we all know, oh movies, the feeling to be in a theater and watch a movie on the big screen. They are fond memories now.

Hail to Reyna Noriega

At this moment around the world and during this health crisis, feminism opposition and black matter controversy, when one thing wasn't enough, many things happen together, and hope is on a fine line. Will we ever see this light at the end of the tunnel? As much as I want to say "Yes, very soon!", and the reality of it depends on humanity to be able to unify and look at each other like one. We all express it out in our way and words to transcend the message to raised awareness.

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