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The Interior & Street Art of Base 23

Having spent my Christmas Holiday in Germany, I started paying attention to how the cities I visited were paying closer attention to graffiti and street art. It definitely gave an outlook that differentiates from the others. That was cool! Now back from holiday, I decided to feature artists and it wasn't hard before I have found one. Here we are featuring the work from Base 23, an interior and street artist based in Berlin, Germany. I took the liberty to feature several of his latest projects and they are so vibrant in colors and creativity.

More Workspaces Inspiration hand-picked from Unsplash

It's been again a little while since our last article on Workspaces Inspiration. Usually, I would find my picks via Pinterest but it's not great. The images are pretty low in resolution and the images aren't well credited for our purposes. I thought about giving a little surf on Unsplash and wow was I surprised. There are a lot of high-quality images and the experience is much friendlier than what's out there.

Hotel Design Love: The Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

With the October fires that tragically scorched Napa Valley, now is the best time to show your support for recovery efforts and book that wine weekend getaway. On our personal wishlist is the freshly opened Calistoga Motor Lodge - an impeccably renovated 1940s roadside motel situated at the head of the Silverado Trail in the absolute heartbeat of the Napa Valley. The new owners fell for this vintage piece of real estate, breathing new life while maintaining the nostalgia.

Workspaces Inspiration: Some Ideas to spice up your productivity

One in a while, we will throw together an Office Inspiration feature to spice up your next workspace idea. Is this something you would like to see more often on ABDZ? Let us know via Twitter. Here we are, back at with another collection of workspaces inspiration. We tried to go in different directions and we were also aiming at picking specific items in the decor that you might find useful for your productivity. Hope you will like it!

Interior Design Love: Vancouver's La Glace Ice Cream Shop

We're smitten with creative ideas agency Arithmetic's branding work for La Glace, a gourmet ice cream shop located in Vancouver. The team tapped into the notion that life’s best moments are bettered when cherished together as the core sentiment to express through the design details.

Interior Design Love: Singapore's Suzette Dessert Bar

We fell in love with the interiors of Suzette, a retro chic inspired dessert bar in Singapore's Marina Bay. Not only a haven for those with a weak knee for sweets, this bite sized shop is also eye candy for anyone with a love for interiors. Enter Suzette and you will be greeted by a bar made up of customized terrazzo slabs creating a unique focal point of the shop. We're also digging the rich teal and blush color palette with copper and concrete peppered in at all the right spots.

Encinitas' Surfhouse Hotel: Live Like a Local in California

If you've JUST realized it's Labor Day this weekend and have no plans there's still time to experience an amazing California surf adventure at the super rad Surfhouse Hotel in Encinitas, California.  Made up of 8 modern rooms all named after iconic local surf breaks, this is a true "live like a local" experience that will cater to your every need and surfing desire. Founded by brothers Nikki and Sander Harth, the Surfhouse is the ideal spot for those looking to feel welcome in this darling local surf community just north of San Diego.

Interior Design Love: Chengdu, China's New School Coffee and Tattoo

We have a thing for collaborations here at Abduzeedo especially when it comes to creating a unique space to house an unlikely marriage. Mojo Design's interior design work for the rad New School Coffee and Tattoo shop in Chengdu, China had us at hello. It's not everyday you can walk in for a latte and walk out with some freshly placed permanent ink along with it. With that, you can imagine the challenge to meld the two concepts into one space creatively, comfortably and cohesively.

Interior Design: Volvo Get Away Lodge in Sweden

We would like to share this Interior Design of a stunning lodge called the Get Away Lodge located just outside of village of Åre in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden. It’s a collaboration between renowned car brand Volvo  and an online hotel curator Tablet Hotels . Inside the lodge, you’ll be charmed with a wood burning fireplace, lounge, free wi-fi/parking, 24 hours concierge and on top of that; access to access to Volvo’s newly launched all-weather V90 Cross Country wagon car!

Valaire - Set Design Case Study

Let’s change the gear a little on Abduzeedo, how about some set inspiration? That’s a very rare term used on the blog, what is it? Also known as scenic design, an actually term would be stage design for many purposes either is for a theatrical representation, movie or even picture for this case.

Inside Look at WIRED Offices - San Francisco

The beautiful city of San Francisco, a city that I truly love because of its charming bridges and old cable cars. I can't help to notice and like how strong is the design community in the Bay. Being part and surrounded with so many tech companies, you wouldn't just imagine how cool their workspaces must be and how far away they must be from looking boring and "corporate-feel".

Bó Burger and Fries Branding

Working on a brand identity is always a good challenge, it's not for nothing that most of us has multiple different practices to understand more the client and ultimately be on the same page. Let's take a look at the visual identity of Bó - Burger and Fries, a culinary place located in Kielce, Poland. Behind this mixed branding, the folks from Hopa Studio took on this project in branding, interior design and packaging as well.

More Office Inspiration

Since the last Office Inspiration back in November, we have been getting a lot of great feedbacks from you guys. This is not going to be a series but surely is a lot of fun putting these together! Let’s see if we can give some more ideas for your office and to increase your productivity. Nothing is more inspiring than working in a great office. Letting your creativity flowing around in an enjoyable workspace is one of the many keys to productivity.

Behind the Scenes: Creating the Walls of AppDynamics Office

We're excited to feature a newly launched project from the mastermind's of San Francisco based creative agency, Butchershop Creative. The project, designing the interior walls of San Francisco based company, AppDynamics. The inspiration, the "pixel." We love getting a sneak peek at the creative process behind such a large-scale and technical collaboration.

Office Inspiration

Nothing is more inspiring than working in a great office. Letting your creativity flowing around in an enjoyable workspace, is one of the many keys to productivity. We gathered some pictures of beautiful offices and let’s see if we can give some ideas for your own office.

CGI Loft by 4eFergovi

One of my dreams is to live in a loft, I've always had this fascination about the idea of a super open place. 4eFergovi created a virtual loft all in CGI and made me think about moving once again. The level of details and the objects in this composition is incredible, sometimes it's hard to think it's not real. For more information about 4eFergovi work, visit

Inspiring work of Design Duo Ennis McIntosh

Thumbing through Issue No. 5 of the beautiful Man of the World ( magazine I stumbled upon a nice piece on the talented gents behind Ennis McIntosh, a New York City artistic venture focusing on design and fabrication of unique structures and environments. Sean Ennis and Angus McIntosh are a dynamic duo that share a knack for creative collaboration and an appreciation for hand crafted work.

Cool Hotels: Hotel Zetta San Francisco

We're as excited to write this post as we are that a new hotel has finally cropped up in San Francisco's SoMa district. Hotel Zetta, the newest sibling to the Viceroy Group's Urban Retreat collection, boasts everything the modern day creative class could ever ask for and beyond.

Yoobi Temakeria : Good Food Meets Good Design in London

Yoobi Temakeria, located in London's Soho, is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs with ties to Brazil and Japan. Temaki, a variety of sushi born in Brazil where the largest Japanese population outside of Brazil resides, is simply fresh sushi wrapped in a cone. Taking this basic idea and creating an overall look and feel for the restaurant that resonates with the cultures it was inspired by was not an easy feat. The clean, minimal design is the result of impeccable architecture and super minimal design elements that creatively meld the vibe of Rio, Tokyo and London into one.

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