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Architecture & Interior Design: 3508 by Sabbath Studio

Let's travel to Mexico to visit a small creative studio space of 100 m2 called: 3508. The architecture & interior has been designed by Sabbath Studio. Located in Monterrey, Mexico, they specialized in branding, print design and also architecture. It's cool to see a graphic design studio taking it to another level with architecture and even with interior design. You should definitely check out more of their work on Behance.

Interior Design for Doctor Manzana by Masquespacio Design

Let's take a look at a very colourful interior design for Doctor Manzana by Masquespacio Design, a creative director based in Valencia, Spain. You gotta know what Doctor Manzana is? Well it's brand specialized in iPhone reparations and mobile phone accessories, above other accessories for smartphones. What strikes you the most is the choice of the colour pattern which are: green and blue as a reference, salmon for the fashionistas and purple for the geeks. What do you think of this interior design?

More Workspaces Inspiration hand-picked from Unsplash

It's been again a little while since our last article on Workspaces Inspiration. Usually, I would find my picks via Pinterest but it's not great. The images are pretty low in resolution and the images aren't well credited for our purposes. I thought about giving a little surf on Unsplash and wow was I surprised. There are a lot of high-quality images and the experience is much friendlier than what's out there.

A look inside an experimental WIRED Store

Just kick off the week with a cool experimental retail design space from the folks of Verdes NYC for WIRED Magazine. As I am a true believer in the sad truth that retail experience is dying, it's great to see brands still stepping it up to build a better customer experience. Imagine seeing the "What's Inside" section of the magazine into a physical store, what are the odds? As readers, one of the first things we do after seeing a cool product.

Architecture & Interior Design: Brain Embassy, Mokotów

Last few months I was able to travel in Europe twice (Stockholm and Amsterdam), one country I would love to travel to is Poland more particularly in Warsaw. We are taking a look at the Brain Embassy located in Mokotów, Warsaw; what is particular about this interior design is actually the workspaces. According to the design by mode:lina architekci, rooms are designed to stimulate your creativity and imagination.

Sabah Brand Identity & Interior Design by Futura .

Let's take a look at this brand identity & interior design by Futura, a studio based in Mexico City, Mexico. This is their design for Sabah, an authentic dessert food shop located in Kuwait with also selected products from all over the world. The overall look & design is a playful use of wooden panels to cover the walls for which reminds me of the 70s somehow. Integrated with bright colors and earthy tones are seen in the furniture as well, you just gotta love the contrast.

Beautiful Houses: Fighting House by studio_suspicion in South Korea

I am a huge fan of watching foreign movies and TV shows on Netflix, I really enjoy learning about other cultures especially seeing how people live their day-to-day in other countries. I think that is the beauty of traveling! What brings me to today's subject by taking us to South Korea and its architecture (P.S. I would definitely love to travel there!). I stumbled across this design by studio_suspicion of what they called: the Fighting House. It is such an unusual approach but I love the reasoning behind this design.

Architecture & Interior Design: Blushhh! Secret Shop

We are sharing the work of Kateryna Zuieva who is from AKZ Architectura based in Ukraine. We are showcasing her architecture & interior design project for Blushhh! Secret Shop located in Kiev. I simply love the whole theme going on into this shop with first of all the neon lights and the minimum use of two colours for the whole store colour palette. You can't help also to notice the cool symmetry of the dressing room, overall quite a beautiful design. It must have been lovely for pictures taking.

Hotel Design Love: The Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa

With the October fires that tragically scorched Napa Valley, now is the best time to show your support for recovery efforts and book that wine weekend getaway. On our personal wishlist is the freshly opened Calistoga Motor Lodge - an impeccably renovated 1940s roadside motel situated at the head of the Silverado Trail in the absolute heartbeat of the Napa Valley. The new owners fell for this vintage piece of real estate, breathing new life while maintaining the nostalgia.

Workspaces Inspiration: Some Ideas to spice up your productivity

One in a while, we will throw together an Office Inspiration feature to spice up your next workspace idea. Is this something you would like to see more often on ABDZ? Let us know via Twitter. Here we are, back at with another collection of workspaces inspiration. We tried to go in different directions and we were also aiming at picking specific items in the decor that you might find useful for your productivity. Hope you will like it!

Interior Design Love: Vancouver's La Glace Ice Cream Shop

We're smitten with creative ideas agency Arithmetic's branding work for La Glace, a gourmet ice cream shop located in Vancouver. The team tapped into the notion that life’s best moments are bettered when cherished together as the core sentiment to express through the design details.

Architecture & Interior Design: JimJams Store

Let's take a look at this architecture & interior design project by Mexico-based brand studio Anagrama. Called JimJams Store, it has been created as a tribute for sports fans. The design concept was to create a balance between the sales area and the sporting environment itself. I think the overall design is conceptual where you actually would want to spend hours inside. Props to the whole team!

Interior Design Love: Singapore's Suzette Dessert Bar

We fell in love with the interiors of Suzette, a retro chic inspired dessert bar in Singapore's Marina Bay. Not only a haven for those with a weak knee for sweets, this bite sized shop is also eye candy for anyone with a love for interiors. Enter Suzette and you will be greeted by a bar made up of customized terrazzo slabs creating a unique focal point of the shop. We're also digging the rich teal and blush color palette with copper and concrete peppered in at all the right spots.

Architecture: House Yorii located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan

It's been a little while since our last article about architecture, how about a minimal house located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. At less than 30km from the center area of Tokyo, you'll be charmed by its minimalist design where the house structure is surrounded of clean lines. I really love the ancient vs modern take on the balcony deck to the backyard. A simple and yet really meaningful design by Shinsuke Yokoyama.

Encinitas' Surfhouse Hotel: Live Like a Local in California

If you've JUST realized it's Labor Day this weekend and have no plans there's still time to experience an amazing California surf adventure at the super rad Surfhouse Hotel in Encinitas, California.  Made up of 8 modern rooms all named after iconic local surf breaks, this is a true "live like a local" experience that will cater to your every need and surfing desire. Founded by brothers Nikki and Sander Harth, the Surfhouse is the ideal spot for those looking to feel welcome in this darling local surf community just north of San Diego.

Interior Design Love: Chengdu, China's New School Coffee and Tattoo

We have a thing for collaborations here at Abduzeedo especially when it comes to creating a unique space to house an unlikely marriage. Mojo Design's interior design work for the rad New School Coffee and Tattoo shop in Chengdu, China had us at hello. It's not everyday you can walk in for a latte and walk out with some freshly placed permanent ink along with it. With that, you can imagine the challenge to meld the two concepts into one space creatively, comfortably and cohesively.

Brainstorming Rooms at the Zendesk Offices from Melbourne

Part of a design process, they will a need of a whiteboard or brainstorming rooms. An area whenever it is your home office or office that you can share ideas, concepts and opinions on some of the concerns in the project. There's a great value out of this practice. Let's take a look at hardware and software development company named Zendesk has done. Knowingly that they build softwares for better customer relationships and I truly that it should start from its core. Let's give it a look!

Architecture: Inside the Offices of VSCO Oakland

VSCO is an editing app that I use almost every day to enhance workflow with my photography through taking photos, editing, filtering and sharing them. That being said, I am always wondering about the architecture inside the offices will look like, a behind the scenes look to see their work environment of such a genuine app that changed the way we take pictures.

Interior Design: Volvo Get Away Lodge in Sweden

We would like to share this Interior Design of a stunning lodge called the Get Away Lodge located just outside of village of Åre in Jämtland County, Northern Sweden. It’s a collaboration between renowned car brand Volvo  and an online hotel curator Tablet Hotels . Inside the lodge, you’ll be charmed with a wood burning fireplace, lounge, free wi-fi/parking, 24 hours concierge and on top of that; access to access to Volvo’s newly launched all-weather V90 Cross Country wagon car!

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