WarnerMedia HQ Interactive Experiences

Rare Volume designed two interactive data experiences for WarnerMedia’s New York headquarters in Hudson Yards. Each installation leverages live social media data to allow users to understand the spectrum of activity and conversation surrounding WarnerMedia and its many subsidiaries.

Hot Lines

Hot Lines creates a look into WarnerMedia’s impact on popular culture through the lens of social media. The realtime exhibit tracks lines from shows and films as they are quoted on Twitter. Visitors can interact with a show to discover the most frequently quoted lines and watch video clips of these fan-favorite moments.

Custom Rare Volume software automates the analysis process by extracting the closed caption track from broadcast-ready media assets. Then the software scours Twitter and, assisted by Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, identifies the most popular moments.

The coarse timing information provided by the closed caption track allows the software to trim the clip to the precise moment of the media. The software can also further refine the trimming timing using speech recognition assisted by a whitelisted dictionary derived from the quoted text.

A cinematic UI layer allows users to surface different media clips and filter Twitter to explore the most commonly quoted “hot lines” of the day.


Universe is a realtime visualization that aggregates the company’s various social media feeds to present a holistic look at the latest activity around WarnerMedia.

The interactive visualization cycles through various WM properties via an expansive simulation of particles. Interacting with the particle allows users to deep-dive into social posts, related media, and other WM properties.

We designed a shared user interface for both interactives. The interface is designed to spotlight media, with the ability to dynamically adapt to various asset types and aspect ratios. The system also features a search tool that allows users to drill into the corporation’s various subsidiaries.

For more information make sure to check out Rare Volume, ESI Design website.

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