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Typography in Motion

I am always amazed to see the evolution of the design community and the adoption to new styles and techniques. Motion design seems to be taking over, not only in the design industry, but everywhere. Apps like Snapchat are proof to this evolution and it gives a glimpse of a day where no more static images will be seen. Until then I hope we find a better format than GIF. That said, for this post I want to share some beautiful examples of typography in motion created by Starov Evgeniy and Dubnichenko Alexey.

Logo Design: Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4

One of the best games about Spider-Man is out (only for PS4 so far) and has been making a lot of buzz beyond about its gameplay, graphics, and incredible open-world experience. I personally haven't tried it but definitely looking forward to. Going deeper into the subject, we would love to share the work from Bao Nguyen who is a graphic designer based in Sacramento, California. He has worked with the incredible folks at Insomniac Games on designing logos.

Logotyposhnaya: 50 Logotypes in 32 Hours

Still going strong with our Friday Feature where we would go through your submissions from our Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. This week, we would like to feature the work of Di Buenio with his Logotyposhnaya series. According to Di Buenio, this is a conceptual art performance where he would design about 50 logotypes through 32 hours.

Grid System Behind Logo Design

If you love of using a grid systems for every  logo design you create, including marks and icons, Kareem Magdi got you covered. He shared a set of beautifully designed logomarks and the grid system behind it. The symbols vary from letters to animals including squirrel and elephants to other more abstract shapes. Personally, I like the use of this technique to make sure that the form is optically balanced, however, I also think it's not needed all the time. It might add too much rigidity to the design. 

Logo Design: the 2017 Logofolio of Attila Hadnagy

We would love to share the work from Attila Hadnagy who is a designer and illustrator. Based in London, UK, he has a really nice combination of skillset and today we are showcasing his 2017 collection work on logos. I personally think creating logos are part of what I love doing the most about our work. Creating the visual identity, the very first step is somehow such a long and rewarding process. For which in the end will determine how your clients with go head-to-head into their business and goals.

Logo Design: A Collection by Romain Billaud

It's been quite a little while since our last logo design inspiration, well here it is for you guys. This collection has been made and designed by a Lyon-based designer named: Romain Billaud. I liked the fact that this series goes in different directions and that's what makes it even more, interesting and inspiring.

Creative Logo Design by Vladislav Smolkin

Vladislav Smolkin is an Russian designer that comes up with some super creative and stylish logos. He's got a large variety of artworks for you to check in his profiles at Behance and Logopond! These sure will be an awesome inspiration for your next project! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Logo Design: The Work of Alan Josephson

Time for that fresh batch of awesome logo here at Abduzeedo! Today we're featuring this awesome logo collection made by American designer Alan Josephson. He's got a super slick style! As usual, these are only a handful of his work. For more of it, please visit his portfolio at Dribbble! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Sweet Logo Design by Maggie Molloy

There are tons of logo styles out there: flat, outlines, 3d, etc. In every style you'll find pretty awesome, beautiful examples of logo design. Maggie Molloy lives for hand drawn branding and she's so good at it, it would be a shame not to share it with you. Here are some fine examples of Maggie's work. These are so sweet. For more of her work and information, please visit her Instagram! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

10 years, 100 Logo Design Projects by Alex Tass

When it comes to any field of design, it's just amazing to see the consistency and dedication of someone. Alex Tass, an European designer, has done a vast collection of beautiful logos during these pass 10 years, and he come up with a selection of some of his best work.

Logo Design: The Work of Deividas Bielskis

Time some sweet logo inspiration here at Abduzeedo! Today we're featuring the work of Lithuanian graphic designer Deividas Bielskis. He's specialized in logo and identity design and has been doing some solid work in the field. Here are some awesome examples of his work. For much more of it, please visit his portfolio at Logopond! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

More Inspiring Logos by George Bokhua

George Bokhua's logos are those that you've seen a thousand times in the scene, but you never get tired of them. He's got so many fresh and beautiful pieces that we just had to share some more with you! In this batch, you'll see some finished items, some sketches, and some grids. As usual, these are only a handful of George's work. For more of it, please visit his Instagram! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Logo Design & Graphic Design: 66 Smart Words

We are sharing this fun experimentation that involves logo design, graphic design and obviously words. Designed by Bachir Design, this is a personal collection where a word is spelled out into a straight-forward concept. Seeing this project reminded how often we would encounter a logo and we would be saying how the design is so simple. Well it might be because the work has been well done, this experimenting proves it well.

Branding & Logotypes Work by Wete Studio

While most of our team and part of North of America is celebrating a holiday today, I am currently working on a branding/logotype project for a client. Scouting for inspiration on Behance, I stumbled across the work from Wete Studio where they shared their latest of their personal and commercial work. I thought it would be great to share it here on ABDZ, hope you like it!

Logo Design Process: Marvel, a Prototyping and Collaboration Tool

We would like to share this logo design process from our good buddy Paul von Excite who has done a tremendous job at redesigning the new Marvel logo through a custom logotype. From the sketching to the final result, let's follow an in-depth process through his words. I would like also to mention that it is the logo of the Marvel app, a prototyping and collaboration tool not what some of you might think!

Logo Design: The Work of Leo Gaidukevic

Time for that fresh logo inspiration here at Abduzeedo! Today we're featuring the work of Leo Gaidukevic, a graphic designer that comes up with some super awesome logos. He's got a clean and flat style, which I like very much. For more of his work, please visit his portfolio at Dribble! Cheers. ;)

Logo Design: The Work of Kudos Design

Time for some sweet logo design inspiration. Today we're featuring the work of Serbian agency, Kudos Design. They come up with awesome design pieces for various clients around the world. Here are some of their logos. For more of it, please visit their portfolio at Logopond! I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

Logo Design by Logo Lord

It's that time of the week to get super inspired by a sweet set of logo design. Today we chose to show the super cool work of "Logo Lord", a L.A. based company. These sure are tight, so we hope it gets your brain pumped and running! For more of Logo Lord's pieces, please visit their portfolio at Dribbble! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Clever Wordmarks by Duminda Perera

One thing I love about creative people is that they have to use that overflowing creativity somewhere. Some might write songs, compose melodies, stroke brushes in a canvas or even play with words and design logos. Duminda Perera is an Italian logo designer that comes up with amazingly clever ways to depict words as wordmarks.

Smart and Beautiful Logo Design by Spoonlancer

Spoonlancer is a a freelance designer currently based in Fukuoka, Japan. He has a set of beautiful logo design projects on his Dribbble page that are for us a great source of inspiration. The range of styles is something to be definitely highlighted, from simple lines like a giraffe or a frong eating a fly to more classic/vintage looks like the amazing Book Keepers one. In addition to that there's very smart ideas like for the Breakfast Bear, the bear nose is a fried egg.

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